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Friday, 23 November 2007, 9:42am
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lucille ballWHEN we’re feeling especially blue, pathetic, and/or unlovable (like today, after gorging ourselves with all the trappings of an especially tasty Thanksgiving feast), we look around for a few good reasons to smile. Sometimes we do that by watching a totally stupid-yet-absurd program on TV (“CSI: Miami” works well for this purpose). Sometimes we make faces at ourselves in the mirror and think “yeah, we probably could pull off that Marlena Dietrich faux face lift” (tho’ we’re guessing Botox would be easier than pulling up all our “excess” skin then tacking it onto the top of our head with hat pins). Sometimes we amuse ourselves by telling our son he has to do his own damn laundry, which has been piling up in the corner of his room for the past 3 months (the smell alone is enough to keep us out of there in the first place). And sometimes, we find we can make do by simply basking in the glow of our HUMOR-BLOGS.COM rating, which, at the moment, is 37. That may not sound like much to you kids, but, aside from the six eight nine blogs currently ranked higher than us, all we can say is: neener neener neener (as opposed to the nyuk nyuk nyuk we just heard from the blogs who managed to knock us down 2 3 more notches…).

humor blogs bannerNot to be confused with HUMMER-BLOGS, something we made the mistake of doing last week. We won’t go into details here, but suffice to say it was NOT a blog dedicated to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s favorite mode of transportation. Not that there’s anything wrong with that (the over-sized/over-priced vehicle and/or the overly-anticipated by every guy we know activity). Some of you might be tempted to explore the contents of HAMMER-BLOGS, but be warned, it’s not very interesting. That is, unless you find tales of pounding nails, an obscure 80’s funk star in baggy pants, and/or tossing back a few cold ones “interesting”. And don’t get us started on the crushing disappointment we felt after perusing the pages of HUMOR-BAGS dot com. Rubberized farts are SO last century.

humor blogs bannerWhere funny blogs go to get read and/or where our blog goes to bask in the fleeting glow of slipped ratings. (okay, so maybe we need to work on the actual “humor” part of our postings, but still, we don’t care what you losers say, “37” rocks.)

OH YEAH — as long as we’re bragging (and goodness knows we are) please-oh-please-oh-PLEASE vote for us in this week’s CAPTION CONTEST. We’re not proud of ripping off an Uncle Miltie anecdote, but from what we’ve heard and/or know, the man known as King Cock of Hollywood Mr. Television had a sizable (heh) stash of quips to spare — so we’re fairly confident he wouldn’t mind in the least. The fact that the “contest” is over is beside the point, by the way. The point, which was hiding under the last slice of pumpkin pie, is that we’re looking for attention, validation, and/or a little bloggy “love”.


cute puppyPS: HUMOR-DOGS is moderately funny, but only if you don’t mind a bunch of jokes about chasing squirrels, cheating your dog-buddies at poker, and/or trying to seduce a fetching Poodle (although now that we look again, that picture is humor-blogs-worthy and/or puppilarious).

In case you couldn’t tell, this post-Thanksgivng Day post was brought to you by a post-Thanksgiving stupor, on behalf of HUMOR-BLOGS.COM.


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NEVER write a post on the heels of an especially large meal. never. πŸ™„

Comment by snuppy

PS: in lieu of reading more stuff on Humor-blogs.com, feel free to check out our (2, count ’em, TWO) posts from yesterday. i’m tellin’ ya, that “Date with Your Family” Γ‘ la MST3K cracks me up every time. πŸ˜‰

Comment by snuppy

What a fine meal it was Snuppy! Funny post, especially for the day after such a feast. You and Central Snark are an excellent reason to smile.

Comment by BoBo

Thanks for the clarification. I’ve been going to HUMUS-BLOGS the whole time. And although I personally find decomposing poop hysterical, I never really did think it was for everyone, and certainly not the flagship comedy blog you kept promoting. It all makes so much more sense to me now.

Comment by Jeff

I voted for you. Hope that helps you fell better. Merry Belated Turkey Holiday. Come see my gobbler.

Comment by Nessa

Congratulations on your 37. I bet the angels wept with the glory. (And angels only get 30-32s)

You shouldn’t comment while processing sausage stuffing either, I don’t think.

Comment by Walela

Way to go, you deserve to be up there! Now, I’m going to see the video from yesterday, unless it’s still not available. The family one was great, so I imagine the other one is too Happy Blated Thanksgiving, again. πŸ™‚

Comment by Theresa

BoBo: spoken like a man hoping to get out of the house and into a Starbucks. (just sayin’… this was hardly “inspired”!) πŸ˜‰

Jeff: heh — it’s easy to make that mistake. too bad you didn’t land on HUMMUS.BLOGS, at least that one’s more tasty! πŸ˜‰

Nessa: i finally DID get over there, and i am SO GLAD! lovelovelove that cartoon, girlfriend! too funny. πŸ™‚

Walela: sadly, our ratings are “slipping” even as i type. apparently blogs featuring cartoon about shooting guys named Doug rank higher than blogs shooting the sh!t about a bunch of nothing. d’oh! πŸ™„

Theresa: awwww — apparently we don’t, which is why, i suppose, we’re losing Humor-blogs.com ground every hour on the hour. ah well, it was a fun ride while it lasted. oh, and i’m SO sorry that link below didn’t work — you can click on the picture at the top of the page in order to hear (‘n see) Guthrie performing his classic tune 2 years ago. (i’d post it here, but the “embed” code has been disabled) πŸ™‚

Comment by snuppy

I voted for you before, and it won’t let me vote for you again today. Bummer.
You’re the best. You don’t need numbers.

Comment by tlp

I love Alice’s Restaurant. I’m bummed out that I missed that link below while it still worked.

(You have no idea how much trouble I had commenting here today!)

Comment by tlp

I voted for you!

Comment by claire

I can see the attraction.

Comment by Walela

I have done that, tried to type the url of a favourite page of mine, mis-typed(not a big surprise) and ended up seeing things I did not wanna see. Thank goodness, for bookmarks. Glad to hear Thanksgiving was a delicious feast and you are stuffed for a few days and some more!

Comment by Penguin

I remember when i was in the top thirty… I’m not even in the top hundred… I blame Diesel, he should be ashamed of how many people arent reading my hilaaaaaarious blog… 37… your lucky its a prime number

Comment by Pope Terry

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