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Spinnin’ with the BoBo by Snuppy
Saturday, 24 November 2007, 10:03am
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RCA doog, NipperWE thought it might be nice to give our beloved DJ LAMPSHA another week off from doing one of her Legendary Saturday Spins, if only to have an extra moment or two to herself, in order to recover from a difficult couple of weeks. Ah, but what to do in her stead? Indeed, that was the question. Thank goodness we knew the answer, which came to us in the form of a certain someone with a true gift for scoping out great new artists (he may not be in the same league as Lampsha, but trust us, this person’s ear is still better than most). And so, without further adieu, we are pleased to provide a Bit o’ Saturday Spinnin’, courtesy of THE BOBO:

****         *****         ****

Happy Saturday one and all. It is truly an honor to, once again, be sub-spinning for the one, the only DJ Lampsha. This week’s spin features a couple of indie music acts that are not yet household names. They are just two of the many “new” faces of music that have taken full advantage of the internet, specifically sites like MySpace, to get their music to the public without the benefit of a major record label.

The first group hails from Boston, Mass and combines funk, rock, hip-hop, jazz, and R&B – yep, they’ve covered just about all the bases – to create a very original sound not easily categorized. They’re called Eclectic Collective and the video below comes to us courtesy ThePalestra.com and features a song called “Ocean of Tears“, filmed in front of the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. To see the video, just click on the pic.

Eclectic Collective

I would encourage you to venture on over to their MySpace page and check out the song “Beautiful Mess,” my personal fav.

Today’s second act is living proof that all that comes out of Nashville is not by way of the Grand Ole Opry. These guys call themselves AutoVaughn, and their music has been described by some as a cross between Tears For Fears and The Killers. The video is, once again, courtesy of ThePalestra.com and features a song called “Rock Your Body“. Don’t be thrown by the short intro that includes a scruffy looking lad on what appears to be a hotel or apartment balcony. Ladies and gentlemen… AutoVaughn (again, just click on the pic below).


If you’re so inclined, venture over to the band’s MySpace page for more of their music and an entertaining video of what life on the road is like for a group of young musicians trying to make it the hard way. It’s proof positive that the life of a budding rock star is less about glamor & groupies… and more about driving a van and late nights at McDonalds.

Enjoy! Have a great weekend. ~BoBo

Listen to the music of laughter on Humor-blogs.com.


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the first song featured on AutoVaughn’s MySpace page is my personal fav, but that mini-doc is absolutely fascinating, too! that said, it brings back a lot of memories for me (been in that van/done that frustrating eatin’ out at McDonald’s late at night thing).

thanks for another great fill-in-Spin, BoBo! you really DO rock more than just my world! heh. 😉

Comment by snuppy

I like the Elective Collective fusion of rock and R & B. The Tears for Fears comparison is fearfully, tearfully apt. Good job, Brer Bobo.

Comment by Walela

Hey Snup…thought the road trip video might prompt a trip down memory lane.

Not a Tears fan eh Walela?

Comment by BoBo

Wow…two groups I don’t know and can’t wiat to hear more off. I would also like to sa that I was pleased about the scruff looking gu in teh second video…he showed me that weather happens everwhere, not just in Iceland.
Have a wonderful weekend, everone!

Comment by Penguin

No, I’m not, Bobo, but probably only one backdated yes away.

Comment by Walela

Both groups are pretty good.

I was a little afraid that the singer in the second group might end up actually eating the mike.

Comment by tlp

Penguin – Both groups have albums out but they’re a little tough to find. Best place to hear more are the respective MySpace pages…and yes, sadly, weather happens everywhere, not just Iceland ;-).

Walela – Truth be told I can only take so much of Tears…they were emo before emo was cool.

TLP – Wonder what it tasted like? Chicken?

Comment by BoBo

Bobo ~ excellente! Sorry, I haven’t been around this weekend. Well, the closest I came was turning on the computer Saturday and then never got in to listen as I got called astray. I like the sound from this side of the turntable especially. Love hearing new music. My leanings are towards the Eclectic Collective. The second group might grow on me if as TLP pointed out his eating the mike didn’t seem to cause some metally feedback or was it the drummer during the refrains? I settled in during the chorus though.

Excellent job and nice listening. Thanks for the tunes Bobo. You do rock!


Comment by Lampsha

Never heard of either of them, but they are pretty good. Great spin!

Comment by esfingecolibri

Oops, that was me up there. I got a wordpress account, which I’m still not sure what I am going to do with, but the username Theresa was taken. So, esfingecolibri is me.

Comment by Theresa

Love the Beautiful Mess song..

Comment by katie

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