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Saturday, 1 December 2007, 9:07am
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snowshoe hareRABBIT RABBIT! Good luck in December.

Well, jumping back in the day of my daughter’s birthday when I was running around yesterday, decorating into the wee hours and having to leave the house in seven minutes for music school with the kids probably was poor planning on my part. I mean, it would have been fine had I pre-planned a post. Damn that hindsight and lack of planning!

So today won’t be my best spin, but you’ll probably know the band and you may also have their cd, Sky Blue Sky, as one of your faves of 2007. It’s on my list. So below is the video click on the What Light link that follows to hear the song, What Light (as Snuppy mentioned, Wilco apparently doesn’t want their video on just any blog).  This goes out for Tali. Happy Birthday to the most amazing ten year old I know (coming from a most unbiased source).

What’s that? Oh, riiight – I knew I was forgetting something. Here’s their MySpace and Wilco’s website. Who’s on your favorite of 2007? Let me know.

Have a great weekend!


PS: Head on over to Humor-blogs, where there are many well thought out, or at least funny blogs for you to read!

*note to the lovely DJ Lampsha: well, I did my best to find a picture of a cute wintry December-esque bunny — hope the one I added to your wonderful post meets with your — and/or more importantly — the Birthday Girl’s approval. Also, the video has been “disabled” — meaning folks now have to click on the link in order to hear the song. Do’h! Apparently Wilco doesn’t want their video gracing just anyone’s blog, not even ours. Go figure. Maybe they’re just trying to steer clear of being connected in any way to us and/or our goofy friends. Those musicians... (snuppy)


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Rabbit rabbit! Hope it’s a wonderful month for all. Snuppy, as I was on the run, I didn’t have time to put in a little (or big) rabbit illustration. If you feel the urge, please feel free to throw in a bunny!

Have a great day all!

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

er, um, i, ah… guess i could have left that note for you in the comment section, eh dear NBFF? d’oh! ah well, this way everyone will find out how to watch the video without having to come to the comment section. wait — we WANT people coming to the comment section, too, don’t we? oy… guess i’m over thinking this stuff — which is pretty much par for the Snuppy course.

LOVE THE BAND AND/OR THIS SONG — and SO HOPE that loveliest of all 10-year olds is having one FABULOUS birthday!!

,,\/(^_^)\/,, Peace, Love and HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!!!! xox

Comment by "Auntie Snuppy"

Bunny, bunny.

I was reading some of the comments where the video is posted. People are mean.

Comment by nessa

Rabbit X 2

Happy B-Day Tali!

Nice spin DJ…welcome back.

Comment by BoBo

Wow Tali is 10, she is wonderful. A little piece of her I share is when she played her fiddle for me at the airport…one amazing girl!

Happy Birthday, you charming thing!

As for the song, dead on! Thank you!

Comment by Penguin

yowza — i almost forgot!

RABBIT, RABBIT! :mrgreen:

(in lieu of a “rabbit rabbit” emoticon, i figured i’d go with “mr. green”)

Comment by snuppy

oh, and PS:

Welcome back to the Snark, Dearest Lampsha! Trust me when i say YOU’VE BEEN MISSED! 🙂

Comment by snuppy

Rabbit rabbit! Great post for someone who says that they just sorta threw it together.

Comment by tlp

A big happy birthday to Tali!

Comment by weirsdo

Rabbit, rabbit! Tibbar, tibbar! Yes, Wilco’s pretty good. But I came to love Peter Bjorn and John right here on this blog!

Comment by AP3

A belated rabbit, rabbit -does it still count? Happy Birthday to Tali, and welcome back Lampsha! The video won’t work, so I’m going to see if I can find it somewhere else. 🙂

Comment by Theresa

Rabbit, rabbit, or tibbar, tibbar, since I’m late. And happy belated birthday to Tali!

Comment by actonbell

Rabbit rannit! Does everyone sound like DYlan anymore? (I do like it, by the way.)

Comment by Walela

Snuppy, you overthink? Nah, well a teensy little bit. Not too much or much anyway. As someone once told me, “the enemy of good is better.” I often catch myself making things “better.” We don’t want perfection, but you know – just doing it right. Anyhoo – glad you enjoyed and thank you ever so much – for everything. I know two little kids quite happy with a certain surprise. XOX

Nessa – you too. Aren’t they? I was reading them as well. I’ve come to the conclusion that most people don’t know just how demented they are.

Bobo, thanks all around. Good to be back.

Penguin, she did send you off nicely huh? Thank you so much and I will be sure to share all the good wishes with her. Ooh and glad you enjoyed the song!

Snuppy, thanks. It’s good to be back. I’ll get back into the swing of it, I’m sure.

TLP, thanks. I guess years of procrastinating have had some good effect then? 🙂

Weirsdo, thanks so much ~ I’ll pass it on.

AP3, to you too. That just warms my heart and made me go back and listen to the spin. Glad you likey. Every once in a while, I found a goodey!

Theresa, sort of kind of, if you say tibbar tibbar (now I’m not the expert, but just following the lead of others more qualified). Thank you on all fronts. Apparently, Wilco didn’t much appreciate mixing it up with the riff raff on TheSnark and so the video was disabled, but could be viewed by clicking the link on the song title.

Actonbell, to you too and thanks.

Walela, to you too. No, actually I think it’s Dan Bern you’re thinking of 🙂

Well – as I go gently into the night, hope you all are having a peaceful Sunday and that Monday isn’t too rude.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Okay, tibbar, tibbar. I clicked on the link and it took me to YouTube, but the video is still not available. 😦 But I looked up “What Light” and I found it. That was really nice and mellow. 🙂

Comment by Theresa

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