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Chanukah/Hanukah/Channukah/Chanukkah – Oy Vay! by Snuppy
Wednesday, 5 December 2007, 8:47am
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Pie Chart

There is a saying “put two Jews into a room and you get three opinions.” This perhaps may explain the myriad spellings of (silent J)Channukkahh. That’s only my humble opinion. Oh sure, there’s the closer to Hebrew/more American/easier to remember rationales, but what is really the right way to spell Chanukkah? Can’t we all just agree on one spelling and use it? The answer may be as complicated as peace in the region, but let’s press onward.

Now as many of my friends and family are in fact, Goyim, I have decided to include the handy pie chart of spellings up above. This way you can choose from the most oft used and less likely to call attention to yourselves, Hanukkah (a wopping 39%) or its close contender, Chanukah (31%). Really you can’t go wrong either way there. On the other hand, nothing says, “I’m down with your people” like choosing any from the 5% categories. Those are all spellings any Jew themselves might use (in fact I shuffle them in with the more popular myself). On the other hand the two in the 4% category seem to harbor some sort of conspiracy in their spelling (it’s a Jewish thing) so I’d just steer clear. Ditto on the 7% – that spike is due to a Hallmark error that hit circulation two years ago (not even your Reform Rabbi/Priest would be caught dead using that one).

I hope this post and chart have been helpful. Stay tuned for its follow-up “Just how do you pronounce the “ch” in Channukah?”

Below is an absolutely fun band which I might have featured in my upcoming Spin this weekend, but I just couldn’t wait (and um, Snuppy seemed to need another post in the queueue for publishing, so what the heck?!). They are the LeeVees and nobody rocks Chanuckkuhh like them! What’s that? You don’t even know the Dreidl Song? Hit their link and get schooled. I’m not sure if you’ll know for sure how to spell it after watching, but you’ll have a laugh in the process:


Psst: head on over to Humor-blogs.com where Diesel will be lighting Candle #2. Oh yeah, and they’re also doling out ch-ch-ch-chocolate coins.


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Lampsha! OMG! this post/song is awesome! What a fun fun way to A) start the day, B) discover the fact that EVERYONE is confused by the spelling of this wonderful holiday (Everyone “Goyim”, that is) and, C) um… get out of doing another post myself, while still giving Teh Penguin a break so she can focus on her finals this week. πŸ˜‰

Channukah can be spelled with a “J”??? who knew?

Comment by snuppy

Judas Maccabeus! This gets complicated.

That video actually does rock, doesn’t it?

Comment by Walela

Snuppy, everyone is EVERYONE, we’re all confused together. The LeeVees are good fun for sure. And yes indeed, the Penguin needs to focus on her studies.

Apparently some “Spanish kid in school.” πŸ™‚

Walela, yeah – just pick a spelling and go with it. My personal opinion is to always have the CH in the front and take it from there.

I agree – the LeeVees ROCK!

Comment by Lampsha (a/k/a G Lamp)

That was hysterical

Comment by pia

I ALWAYS have to look that word up whenever sending holiday greetings to my Jewish pals, unlike Krismis or Haluweene.

Comment by the frogster

Okay, I’m still not sure how you spell it, but I do know how to spell antidistinctlyminty… antidistantlymentary….antidisestablishmentarism! There, I did it! πŸ™‚

Comment by Theresa

Pia, I agree! Happy Chanukah!

Frogster, well then I hope that I have provided a public service of sorts. Wait a minute – isn’t it Krismus?

Theresa, here just have some chocolate coins. You missed a couple of letters: antidisestablishmentarianism.

Comment by Lampsha

Darn it, you’re right, and I thought I’d finally managed it. But hey, if there’s chocolate coins in it for me, then maybe I should just keep spelling it wrong. πŸ˜‰ Okay, here goes: antidisestablishmentarianism

Comment by Theresa

Catchy tune! First time I’ve ever danced in my chair to a Channukah song. Heck, it’s the first time I’ve ever done anything to a Channukah song.

Comment by Jeff

That’s a fun lesson. Pass me a chocolate coin, would ya?

Comment by claire

Well, why didn’t ya say there was chocolate involved? I’m a Unitarian. I can do any holiday. I took the song’s suggestion and used spell check. Mine takes Chanukah and Hanukkah okay, but doesn’t like Chanukkah. Must be a Goyim edition.

Comment by tlp

The C make sno sense to me…I think there is no language where teh C is silent like that…but when it comes to this religion I’ll take you as my guide and have decided that it is Chanukah for me. Does this get me a chocolate coin…if not…I am will to reconsider πŸ™‚

Great song!

Comment by Penguin

if not a Chocolate coin, Penguin — would ya settle for a hocolate one, instead?? πŸ˜‰

Comment by snuppy

Theresa, you got it right! Give me the coins back.

Jeff, I am so glad to provide you with a first experience in that case – enjoy!

Claire, here’s two!

TLP, definitely. There’s always chocolate involved if I can help it!

Penguin, per Tali: The language is Hebrew – the c is *not* silent. In English the ch together represent the letter chet in Hebrew, in which the C is most certainly not silent (if said properly) but with that throat clearing cccchhhh sound. Yah? Now have some chocolate coins!

Snuppy, hocolate is not Kosher for Chanukah!


Comment by Lampsha

I came, I listened, I spelled (wrong)… now what do chocolate coins have to do with Chanukah?

Comment by tsduff

put on your yarmulkah… it’s time for latkes…

gp in montana

Comment by horsewoman

Terry, I’m too tired to explain except so say that they are used for wagering in games of dreidl or just—eating! How are you feeling?

Hi and welcome GP! Will you be serving latkes on the range? Enjoy and have a very Happy Chanukah.


Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

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