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Winter Fiends by Snuppy
Thursday, 6 December 2007, 10:03am
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Fiendish SnowmanHEH HEH heh heh. Last year it was our pleasure and/or burden to bring THIS HAPPY and/or HORRIBLE SITE to the attention of our friends and/or fiends. The temps may be dropping like holiday cups made of fine china on the kitchen floor (don’t ask), but honestly, there’s nothing like a wonderful wintry day to bring out the best and/or beast in everyone. Consider this quick holiday “ditty” a variation on our normally Incredibly Clever (or not) Musical Opposite for the Sake of Cheap(ish) Laughs to our dear DJ LAMPSHA’S hilarious offerings over the last two (count ’em TWO) days, and, dammit, laugh like like you mean it. Laugh like someone who didn’t manage to “break” the link to humor-blogs.com — something we must have done because we seem to be off their radar. Not that we’re bitter. Oh wait, yes we are. But that, as we’re so fond of reminding you, is beside the point. The point, which will eventually stop crying, is that MAKING FIENDS is a Very Cute and Clever Franchise, created by a Very Talented Young Woman who would surely be our friend if only she knew us, Shirley.

ANYHOO — two (count ’em TWO) cute little songs for the price of, um, two (count ’em TWO, or maybe THREE) clicks. Trust us, you won’t find bargains like that anywhere else in the blogosphere, folks. Okay, maybe you will, but why would you go looking for such things when all that you need and/or fear can be found below? Don’t make us come out there and hit you with a hefty sprig of mistletoe, did you NOT just catch the fact we “broke” our link to Humor-blogs.com and are now fighting off a terrible case of the pouts and/or head-scratchies? (i.e., How the hell did we do that? Is it NOT okay to do a gazillion links to a single word? Shouldn’t someone have warned us before allowing us to make such fools of ourselves in front of all our friends and/or fiends?)

AS you can see, we loaded up the Actual Video for the first tune, and linked to the other via the picture of Charlotte (aka “ridiculously naΓ―ve little girl who wouldn’t know a fiend if one bit her in the ass”).

SILLY, we know, but cute, right? And oh-so-family-fiendly. Heh heh heh.

Charlotte as a Christmas Tree


Humor-blogs.com? Bah! More like Humbug-blogs.com.

PS: not that it matters, what with our broken linky love, and all, but somehow we managed to find our way into this week’s CAPTION CONTEST. Granted, our humble offering is based on a “private joke”, and is probably only Truly Funny to us and/or DIESEL, but we’d still appreciate a vote or two, if only to offset our bitter tears. Help a blog out, woncha? Vote for Crazy Aunt Bea… and vote often.


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do i sound bitter? heh heh — maybe just a little.

on the other hand, these two videos are MORE than a little cute and/or fun. especially if you’re already a fan of Making Fiends. if not, check it out, because it really is clever.

alrighty then, i’m off to see the doctor and/or do a sh*tload of errands. that said, tomorrow IS Sex, Ed? day, and believe it or not, i actually DO have a post up my soggy sleeve. so, as we say in the biz: stay tuned! πŸ˜‰

Comment by snuppy

Fan of Making Friends for sure! Nice start to the day Snup…and you be careful out there…very, very, coooooold.

Comment by BoBo

You are so naughty Snuppy. You’ve chopped me down and made me yours. And like Charlotte, I’m lovin’ it.

Comment by tlp

Of course, when I gather round the computer tonight after first lighting the Chanukia (menorahs only have eight lights, so during Chanukah – it’s a chanukiah which has an extra light for lighting all eight. Saved you a google :), we will most certainly (after singing Maoz Tzur) be back to our old faves.

In fact, I often burst into this song whilst driving with the kidoodles – “the sun is out but it’s oookkkay, what a wonderful wintry day!”. Of course, those may not be the exact words, but we like to sing it anyway.

Great and most perfect post. We love the fiends thanks to you. Stay warm.

PS: Tali tells me that a Making Fiends show is coming to television. I haven’t fact checked her, so at this point consider it rumor from a reliable source.

Comment by Lampsha

Making friends, what fun, but I’ll stay away from Vendetta and spend my time here instead. Umm, I can’t vote for you because I’m in the running myself (you won’t send Vendetta after me, will you?) But I’m clicking away on your HumorBlogs link. πŸ™‚

Comment by Theresa

BoBo: just a sweet little somethin’ — not as informative and/or slammin’ as Lampsha’s last two posts were, to be sure, but loads o’ fun, nonetheless. πŸ˜‰

TLP: you’ll look perfect on our mantle. (honestly, you’d look PERFECT sitting across from me ‘n Lampsha at lunch, which is what we hope will happen one of these days in the not too far off future!) πŸ™‚

Lampsha: i had a feeling you’d already seen the Wonderful Wintry video — i just thought it might be fun and/or more Holiday appropriate (what with it being (J)Chan(n)ukkah, and all…) i think the two “tree” songs are new for this year. as for the soon to be program on Nickelodeon? you can read about it RIGHT HERE! looks like fun… but then, i’m pretty sure everything Amy Winfrey does is nothing but fun! πŸ˜‰

Theresa: and i happen to lovelovelove your caption, by the way! sorry i can vote for YOU, but what can i say? a girl needs at least one vote, right?? πŸ™„

Comment by snuppy

Hey, I’m sorry, ok? I didn’t know your linky love was broken. (And it wasn’t just you; none of the WordPress blogs were showing up on h-b. The difference is that the others didn’t whine like little babies about it.)

I voted for your caption. πŸ™‚

Comment by Diesel

Oh, you know I enjoyed that. Thanks, Ven…Snuppy!

Comment by Walela

Diesel: our links, along with our hearts. to date your “magical” link-o-meter says we’ve only managed to link to HBC 5 times in 7 (count ’em SEVEN) days. who-whatey??? boggles the mind, i tell ya. that said, thank you for the vote. guess that made for a grand total of 2. πŸ™„

Walela: don’t mess with me, bub. i’m in a mood and that won’t be good for anyone. (glad you liked this, i thought it was fun, too!) πŸ˜‰

Comment by snuppy

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