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Wednesday, 12 December 2007, 8:17am
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too tired to writeDOG VOMIT. Thats’ what we’ve been dealing with ALL night, and that, dear friends, is the reason we’re A) tired beyond reason B) heading over to the vet’s as soon as someone over there answers the friggin’ phone, and/or C) moderately freaked out by the fact that, thanks to a mind-numbing regime of finals TEH PENGUIN feels compelled to focus on, the task of writing today’s post has fallen upon our fatigued shoulders. Uh, wait a tick, that didn’t come out right (that’s what our son said, just before pooping a toaster. Heh heh.) But, as so often happens when we start thinking about stuff that stresses us out and/or items we need to pick up at the store (paper towels, rug cleaner, prune juice, bran cereal, another bottle of Liquid Plumr®…) we digress. This post is about a variety of things having nothing to do with poop, dog vomit and/or the dark circles under our eyes, and everything to do with Christmas, hags, cookies, bitchin’, Santa and a bunch of other words we’re too lazy to write down. Whatever they are, you can see ’em strung together to form sentences, which, in turn, form stories submitted for:


“AND what, in the Wild Wild World of Sports Writers is that?” you ask, in that curious way you have of inquiring about unfamiliar things. “That”, we answer in that slightly superior and sarcastic-yet-pleased to know something you DON’T fashion of ours you must, by now, find annoying, “is for us to know and for you to find out, bubs and/or bubbettes” (Code for: hell if we know, but, as we mentioned, our clever/lovely friend and capable Snark Co-Administrator, teh Penguin participates, as does our other clever/lovely and capable friend, THERESA IN PAMPLONA — which means it doesn’t matter what it is, it must be hella cool, otherwise these two amazing women wouldn’t give it the time of day, let alone take the time to contribute. The fact that it was created by yet, another favorite blogger, i.e., CINDRARELLA, makes this linkage all the more sweet.) No doubt the “rules” are explained somewhere… maybe even HERE.

SINCE this is simply (and/or clearly) our way of providing fodder without actually having to write something of our own, do us a favor and check it out. While you’re at it, be sure to vote for one of the entries. We wish we could tell you which one, alas, we cannot. Suffice to say the entrants are “anonymous”, with means you’re on your own and/or should feel free to vote for the one you actually like (as opposed to the one we beg you to vote for because, and we quote: “it’s ours”).

HEY, and speaking of good writers (which we were, in case you hadn’t noticed), we failed to mention another prolific blogger known for more than her animated-yet-fluttery and lovely avatar, i.e., the very brilliant and ever-so-talented NESSA. We’re guessing she’s participated in TGQDC ’07 on more than a few occasions. Just sayin’… our bad for not mentioning our good friend earlier. D’oh!


Dog vomit is only funny to folks who read Humor-blogs.com.


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MANY thanks to Minka (aka “teh Penguin”) for telling me about this competition! i PROMISE you kids will find plenty of good reading at the GQDC ’07, every offering is excellent, so good, in fact, i honestly don’t know which one to vote for, myself! 🙂

now, if you’ll excuse me, i have vets to call and/or eye cream to apply. oy… long night, promises to be an even longer day. 🙄

Comment by one TIRED snuppy

thank you for many things:
a) taking this post for me
b) giving a shout out for this contest and
c) being funny despite everything. Youa re abit of a miracle, aren’t you?!

most importantly, I hope that the dogs are ok and that the vomit is gone by now. Good luck with it!

Comment by Penguin

by the way:

by “dog vomit” i mean “BoBo (the puppy, not the hubby) has been SICK since yesterday. and by “sick” i mean he’s literally been sick as a dog. and mopey. oh, and by “up all night” i mean that BoBo (the hubby, not the puppy) never went to sleep, nor did i — aside from dozing, that is, but then i, too got up to stay by our puppy’s side around 4:30 AM. wrote this post at 5. which, hopefully, explains a lot.

ALSO… teh Penguin’s offering is one of the “finalists” in the GQDC i linked to, as is Theresa’s. not sure who wrote what, truth be told, all the offerings are quite wonderful… not to mention wonderfully creative.

just saying… 😉

Comment by snuppy

Yuck, dog puke. I guess a parent’s work is never done eh?

Comment by Harmonica Man

Awwww, poor puppy,
poor Joel, poor you!
Ariella got into some of the Christmas gifts we had out which contained food and she was pretty sick the next day but at least we knew exactly what was wrong.
Hugs to you all and here’s to hoping to get to nap!

Comment by logo™

There are always lots of fun things to read there.

Comment by Nessa

Penguin: awwww…. always glad to help out (besides, it’s not as tho’ you don’t help me out all the time!) good luck in this contest, i have to say, you have a lot of Excellent Competition! which, by the way, was ANOTHER reason i’m so happy you mentioned this, in the first place. lots and lots of GOOOOOOD stuff to read. 🙂

Jeff: ain’t it the truth! our poor little puppy was absolutely miserable last night. now he’s at the vet’s while they do a few more tests… it sucks. so far he’s been diagnosed with Profound Gastro-Intestinitis (or some such thing) — caused by some freaky virus. now they’re checking his heart, because by the time we got him to the doctor, his tongue had turned blue. BLUE! aieee… 😯

logo™: hey there, girlfriend! my sister’s dog once ate a giant CHOCOLATE piano — which, needless to say, was her least favorite dog vomit mess to clean up. on the other hand, at least our pups CAN toss up the “bad” cookies when needs be, which probably helps them more often than not. thus far our only “near crisis” occurred when Sophie ate part of a bran muffin that had raisins. Joel spent a couple of hours on the phone with the Animal Poison Center over that mishap (it happened on a holiday, so our vet’s office was closed.) here’s hoping YOU’RE well, too, girlfriend!! 🙂

Nessa: i KNEW i left out someone when i listed some of the competitors — in case you didn’t notice, i added in an extra line about you. i mean, talk about a wonderful and/or wonderfully prolific writer! (i say this because even tho’ i don’t always leave comments these days, i still try to keep track of what you’re up to). i actually wanted to add in a picture of your avatar — imagine my dismay in discovering that was near impossible (while looking, i DID stumble on another site that features some of your artwork. girl… you are hella accomplished!) 🙂

Comment by snuppy

Oh, I hope your poor dog is better, for your sake and for his, and that you don’t have to deal with any more dog vomit (nor toaster sized poop for that matter). Thanks for the shout out, and I really hope everybody gets over to the contest and votes…there are some really great entries this time around. 🙂

Comment by Theresa

Saw that great contest last night. There’s a real quill in that lot somewhere. Just sayin’ …

Hope you and yours get better soon. You must not have enough votive candles burning on your altar to Murphy. Shall I send you some? 😉

The Dudes have been yelling at me that they sent you something. They probably got the address wrong, and besides, they’re too clueless to know what you’re up against. I keep telling them that, yeah, this is Hawai’i, but civilization tends to respond to spam differently.

Comment by oceallaigh

How did I miss that last paragraph? Thanks so much.

Comment by Nessa

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