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Saturday, 15 December 2007, 9:41am
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It’s late (and when it’s not late, it’s early and I’m late) – so let’s see if I can get this chronology of music leading up to the featured artist correct. He started out with a band named Trip Shakespeare which had a bit of a cult following in the early 90’s (the MySpace link is fan run). How can you not love a band with an album titled, Are You Shakespearienced? Moving on, after Trip Shakespeare fell, two of the members Dan Wilson and John Munson formed Semisonic, joined by drummer, Jacob Slichter.

Today we’re featuring Dan Wilson solo, who is just a melodic beautiful (and Harvard educated) songwriter who was the lead singer/songwriter in the above mentioned groups (actually Semisonic is a semi-active group). Dan just released his first solo album, Free Life in October 2007. He avoids the inevitable “when he was with…” comparisons by me as I am not as familiar with his music with the other groups. What I do know is that every time I hear a song of his on the radio, I turn up the radio and sing along. You can do the same at his MySpace.

So maybe you’ve never heard of Dan (or maybe you have), you can listen to an interview with some live tunes here on Acoustic Cafe (worth a listen). He penned about six songs for the Dixie Chicks’ “return” album including the Grammy winner, Not Ready To Make Nice.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this tapestry of a Spin today. Wha? No video? Bah, of course – it’s Dan with Semisonic in their 1999 Grammy nominated Song of the Year, Closing Time:

Have a great weekend~


Psst: There’s no closing time over at Humor-blogs.com. Tell ’em Central Snark, that’s C-E-N-T-R-A-L S-N-A-R-K, sent ya.

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Testing! Just wanted to make sure this baby is live and doesn’t vanish like last week’s.

Have a great day everyone – I’ll be on the move for most of it. So let yourself in, have a coffee, a bagel, something cold to drink and we’ll talk.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

wow. i really REALLY lovelovelove this artist and song! tho’ i confess to feeling moderately frustrated for the star-crossed lovers(?)… i know from experience how it feels to miss someone by thismuch (just ask BoBo),

GREAT Spin, Lampsha! now i’m off to A) check out Dan’s website B) go out for a TGSNWM (with the aforementioned BoBo), and C) wrap (heh) up my holiday decorations in anticipation of company next week!

,,\/(^_^)\,,/ here’s to peace, love, and beautiful music!

Comment by snuppy

Just last year my band recorded in a studio that Semisonic once recorded in here. Great pic, and GREAT song!

Comment by Harmonica Man

I always thought Semisonic was underrated. Well, that song was HUGE, but they didn’t deserve to be a one-hit wonder.

Comment by Diesel

Great choice…love the song and agree with Diesel on the underrated status of Semisonic.

Great weekend everyone!

Comment by BoBo

I haven’t heard that in forever! Thanks for that. Very fun.

Comment by cindra

Nice song, Lampy. It sounds familiar.

Comment by Walela

Sweet spin.

Comment by Deb

Hi all, just tucking in the post before I tuck myself in so excuse my lack of personal responses (except to the Harmonica Man to whom I say – cool!).

Glad you all enjoyed and would encourage you to check out Dan’s solo work especially if you feel that Supersonic checked out too soon. I’ve been listening this weekend and I’m loving him!

G’night and thanks for dropping by and sitting a spell this weekend.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Never heard of them, but I loved this song. So, it’s closing time? Does that mean we have to leave the Snark? Well, I guess Humor Blogs never closes, so I’ll just go over there. 🙂

Comment by Theresa

[…] we left off in the Spin cycle –  before the Holiday Hullabaloo of posts hit, we were listening to Dan Wilson. We liked Dan, didn’t we? Well our artist today produced his latest album. I thought a […]

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