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Howdy Doody… by Snuppy
Friday, 21 December 2007, 10:55am
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howdy doody & buffalo billHEH HEH, we said “doody”.

AW. We know the following clip won’t bring back any memories for most of you, but for those of us who grew up in front of black & white TV (literally, and what was up with that, Mom?) this is pretty sweet. Or incredibly scary. For once again we’re struck with the surreal and bizarre knowledge that we were charmed by another — in a series of — pathetic, crappy and/or poorly produced television shows deemed appropriate for kids, back when the term applied to us. While there were many we enjoyed more than we’d care to admit, one of our particular favorites originated from a place called Doodyville, and featured a ridiculous (possibly retarded) clown called “Clarabell”, a happy-go-lucky pedophile? guy named “Buffalo Bob”, and a goofy, freckle-faced boy/marionette known to those yearning to sit in the peanut gallery as: HOWDY DOODY

QUESTIONS: Buttered popcorn on a Christmas tree? Is it just us, or does the scent of a rancid congealed milk product NOT conjure up warm, fuzzy memories of Christmases past? Also, how does someone residing in the town of Doodyville come to possess a space ship? That said, Buffalo Bill’s rocket (heh) did remind us of the one commandeered by Flash Gordon back in 1936, so that was actually kind of cool. Mind you, we weren’t around in ’36, but the wasted hours we spent drooling in front of the TV allowed us to view all forms of questionable shows, including, but not limited to, reruns of movie shorts cleverly repackaged as Quality Children’s Programming.

NEEDLESS to say, our lost youth is completely beside the point. The point, which was kissing Mommy underneath the mistletoe, is that The Howdy Doody Show was kind of lame — never more so than when in Holiday Special Mode. Seriously, some humbug wanted us to believe Santa Claus — expected to drop through our own filthy chimneys later that night — got trapped inside his own crappy house? St. Nick — magical bearer of gifts — was rendered helpless by a “kidnapper” so stupid he named himself Ugly Sam? Kris Kringle — normally surrounded by elves and/or reindeer — was unable to move an inch until a ridiculous cowboy, a retarded clown, and a red-headed puppet showed up to save the day? What kind of message is that to send to a bunch of gullible kids? Ya better watch out, ya better not cry, Santa Claus sucks… blah blah blah blah??

OH, and PS, after that dumb chase in the “dark” and finally catching up with the aforementioned Ugly Sam, why did Buffalo Bob sit on his face?

DEAR MOM: we want our childhood back.


Tra-la-la-LAUGH-all-day from the peanut gallery at Humor-blogs.com.



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heh — what started out to be a simple post, turned into something quite… different. guess i never realized how scary children’s programming was back in my so-called youth. 🙄

Comment by snuppy claus

Wishing you all a safe celebration, no matter what that is. 😀

Comment by Brian

Ah yes, the good old days of Buffalo Bob and Howdy Doody…pre Pixar and CGI…the world was a simpler place…I guess, don’t really remember. Anyway, nice trip down memory lane Snups.

Comment by BoBo

I remember exactly one thing about Howdy Doody:


The TV might be allowed to get as far as “It’s …” before it was resoundingly extinguished, and we kids were booted outside. The only thing that toggled the verboten switch faster was “The Three Stooges”.

We Puritans of New England were both born and made lame.

Comment by oceallaigh

Brian: and a Happy Happy Holiday to you and yours, as well! 🙂

BoBo: of course, you have the misfortune of staring into Howdy’s doll-like eyes every day — thanks to that overly pricey cookie jar of mine. 😉

O’C: NO STOOGES? oh my goodness — you were sheltered. i’m tellin’ ya, my sister and i watched ’em every chance we got! seriously, they were the best! 🙂

Comment by snuppy

Right, Bobo. A wonderful trip down someone else’s memories. Just the other day to solve a crossword puzzle I had to figure out Howdy Doody’s original name but I’ve already forgotten it.

Comment by Walela

Walela: you callin’ me old? that said, Howdy Doody was derived from the greeting: How dee do! not sure why that was deemed a good name for a freckle-faced puppet… not sure i care. 😉

Comment by snuppy

How lame is that?… you can see the strings on Howdy Doody! Dreamworks they were not.

Anyway, I never watched this stupid show and thank you for reminding me that I never missed anything.

Comment by Jeff

There was a lot of rassling around of grown men in that video…hmmm. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but packaged as a kids’ show. Let me talk to your mom!

Somehow watching this after reading your post just made it pretty darn funny!

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

I can’t get your videos to
play. Now I have to go to
My father hated Howdy Doody
and would watch it with my
sister and I
We still talk about how he
ruined childhood for us
Damn I have to see this!

Comment by pia

Actually I was totally bored
My father, being a Charlie
Chaplin fanatic never said
“peodophile” and we were very
young. Called it racist
We could never figure that

Comment by pia

Well, seems to me your childhood hasn’t destroyed all love for weird looking clowns. No, i don’t mean Bobo…but last time I checked your kitchen counter and cabinets there were a bunch of those odd looking, grinning fellas all over the place.

black and white television?
Some things are just way too scary!

Comment by Penguin

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