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Saturday, 22 December 2007, 9:14am
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It’s not that I’m lazy and the thought of a post just writing itself isn’t ever so appealing.  Not at all.   It’s just that some traditions are worth preserving – sort of like Fruitcake, right Frogster?  So it is with this in mind that I reprise an old Christmas Chestnut played here last December in the following post.  

Fade in… 

Here’s my Christmas Carol offering, bringing Joyem to the Goyem if you will (Billy, you’ll forgive my swiping that one). This is a fine Christmas song and I’m sure the lyrics “You drunkard, you maggot, you cheap lousy faggot” have nothing to do with my partiality. Makes you want to curl up in front of the Yule Log — that or pogo ’round the Christmas tree, or throw the yule log through a window.

Either way, tighten your seatbelts for as fine a Christmas song as I can recall from the band THE POGUES and the late Kirsty MacColl — in Fairytale of New York,  deemed THE BEST CHRISTMAS SONG EVER in a VH1 UK poll. I think I may just have to agree. But you know, call someone an “old slut on junk” over the sweet sounds of a penny whistle and I tend to wax poetic.

Warning: listening to this song may bring a subliminal desire to hoist pints at the pub.  We do not endorse or want that to be the outcome of this (unless you’d like to), but damn if they don’t make you recall a time when it wouldn’t be so far fetched. Is that so wrong?  At the very least, you may just tap a toe.

Listen up mates and enjoy. And, should the spirit move ye in true Irish tradition, feel free to join in on the singing at the pub:

~DJ O’Lampsha

fade out…

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend.  I hope it is not spent shopping for last minute gifts unless of course, you choose to spend your free time being crammed in with less than perfect strangers fighting over cashmere sweaters.  But truly have yourselves a Merry Christmas and may peace and good health be yours in the New Year. 

PS:  Peace, good health and drunkards (not necessarily in that order) can all be found at Humor-blogs.com!


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oh, i DO love me some Pogues! well done, DJ Lampsha, this was a fab spin then and it sure as heck is NOW!

can i get that pint in non-alcoholic form??

,,\/(^_^)\/,, peace and love to one and all!

Comment by snuppy

A fine Central Snark tradition…isn’t cool you guys have been around long enough to have traditions?

Happy Holidays one and all.

Comment by BoBo

Ah, I remember this one. My favorite Christmas song is O Holy Night. This might be second.

Comment by Walela

Nothing compliments The Pogues like a big ol’ slice of fruitcake.

Except maybe two slices.

Comment by the frogster

Ah – my dear O’Lampy I will play a few lines with my accordian along with the Pogues in their heart warming song. Mucho enjoyable 🙂

Comment by terry

I haven’t heard them before but I likey. The guy kind of sounds like a more Irishy version of Tom Waits.

Comment by Jeff

Snuppy, sure – just to be safe I’ll have a seltzer with you. Now come let’s do a reel or a jig to the Pogues!

Bobo, I was thinking the very same thing. Fallback=tradition (not important right? 🙂

Walela, haha. As long as you don’t expect to hear this one in church.

Frogster, or throwing the slices at each other.

Terry, ah I can just hear it now. Hope your hand is healing up fine so that you can play!

Jeff, they were a fine band formed in the early part of the 80’s – a perfect celtic punk blend. The singer, Shane McGowan, is actually no stranger to the drunk tank and the group broke up (or he left) because of his drinking. Hear tell they are back together since the early part of this decade but I haven’t heard anything new.

Anyway, glad you likey and yes that gravely growl does sound a bit like Waits huh?

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Wikipedia sez the band is touring but doesn’t plan to record new music. Yet.

It also told me where the band’s name came from: póg mo thóin (Irish Gaelic) = pogue mahone = “kiss my arse”. No wonder the Puritan side of my family kept the Irish side well and truly buried.

Keep telling yourself “you’re a child of the gutter” and you might wind up believing it.

And Kirsty MacColl’s story, especially that of her demise, is just sad.

Comment by oceallaigh

Do my eyes deceive me, or is the cop in the very beginning escorting him in Matt Dillon?

Comment by Bryan G.

OC, yes I saw that except I did see that they were releasing a cd of unreleased songs in March 2008. Ironically McGowan had quite the successes for being a “child of the gutter” – classic tortured artist I guess. I myself enjoyed Kirsty MacColl’s music and loved her voice. Her demise was sad indeed.

Bryan G: Welcome and congrats! Good catch as that was indeed Matt Dillon escorting Shane McGowan to the drunk tank.

Okay everone, enjoy the rest of your weekend and whatever you do, don’t end up in the drunk tank. But if you do, give Humor-blogs.com a call – they’ll bail you out.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Merry Christmas and all that! The video is great.

Comment by Fruitcake Hater

Yes you had to make me sad
thinking of Kristy MacCool’s
He has always reminded me of
a prettier voiced Tom Waits
and I can’t think of a better

Comment by pia

Fruitcake Hater (if that’s who you really are): welcome and Happy Christmas and all that to you – glad you enjoyed. The Pogues are better than fruitcake any day (but don’t tell the Froster).

Pia, that was sad indeed, but what a sweet voice. And I can’t think of a better way to say it – “a prettier voiced Tom Waits.”

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

I am late, but better late than never.
I could do a pint right now and find happiness at the bottom of a glass.

Have a wonderful Holiday, Gina!

Comment by Penguin

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