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Warm Fuzzy Wishes… by Snuppy
Thursday, 27 December 2007, 9:23am
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Happy Holidays

Family Reunion in the Bahamas: $5,000

Memorable Christmas cards featuring Reunion Photo: $100

Stamps for sending Reunion Photo Christmas Card to everyone: $82

NOT noticing sunbather over Cousin Dodie’s left shoulder:



PS: Since this is a “family(ish)” blog, we elected to spare you all the nuts and/or bolts of this charming (real) holiday greeting. That being said, we naturally wouldn’t want to deny anyone the opportunity to check out Waldo, the wanton sun-worshipper in the privacy of their own office and/or bathroom, if they so desired — which is why we included a link to the full picture, accessible by one click of the mouse (the one next to your computer and/or in your pocket, depending upon your persuasion).

Franks ‘n beans are on the menu at HUMOR-BLOGS.COM.

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reminiscent of that episode of Seinfeld featuring Elaine’s nipple adorned Christmas card, n’est pas?

i have to thank one of my non-blogging friends for this little gem — which surely caused me to laugh and laugh and laugh, Shirley. unfortunately, i made the mistake of reading it while sipping on a cup of coffee, which was, needless to say, a big mistake. 🙄

Comment by snuppy

OMG, that is funny! Wasn’t expecting it, especially over here;)
I hope y’all had a great holiday!

Comment by actonbell

Aiye – my eyes!

I wonder if that was part of their vacation “package”?

Comment by Jeff

Those are the best rabbit ears Cousin Dodie will ever sport in a photo.

Comment by Deb on the Rocks

Too late, in reader the full monty shows up. At least he got a nice tan.

Comment by Brian

Now that’s a wheel barrel full of balls.

Comment by upset waitress

OMfreakingG! Hilarious and yes, so priceless! Who needs to tan the old twig and berries anyway??

Comment by Claire

SURPRISE! Hahahaha – funny we did not get this card. Heh heh – Jeff said package.

Comment by LAMPSHA

Now poor little innocent ol’ me just went by this morning and thought nothing of the picture, missed the hints completely. Quilly had to clue me in this evening. Just as well, definitely NSFW. And we’re going to have to talk about that halo in the h.b. sidebar …

Comment by oceallaigh

That’s not a nipple!


Comment by I Dive At Night

I sat for several minutes, trying to figure out the gist of the joke… vainly wondering what was wrong with a piece of tourist showing in the background… until I double clicked on the picture… yeowza!!!HA HA HA HA HA well done!

Comment by Terry

Actually, I snapped that pic…that’s our uncle Frank…he didn’t want to get in on the picture but, hey, haha, the joke’s on him now isn’t it!

Comment by offendedblogger

Actonbell: our holiday was exceptional. hope yours was, too!

Jeff: “package”? hahahahahahaha!

Deb: i think they could have had a bit more fun with Waldo, maybe adorned him in bits of tinsel and/or topped him off with a star?

Brian: i’m thinking sunburn, and then i’m thinking ouch.

Upset Waitress: maybe they thought it was a conch shell?*

Claire: my thoughts, exactly!

Lampsha: i was almost embittered by the fact it didn’t find its way into our mailbox, either. then i looked at the picture again and felt grateful for the fact only a select few of our business acquaintances bother to send us cards these days.

O’C: haha. that “halo” is why i elected to share only a portion of the picture on the front of the blog. sorry you didn’t catch the “joke” sooner — if it makes ya feel any better, BoBo didn’t either. apparently i’m not as good with “hints” as i’d like to think.**

Morgan: no, it’s a “tipple” (at least that’s what i tried to show in the picture above…)

Terry: yeah, i am DEFINITELY gonna start being more direct in future posts. still, glad you were eventually able to enjoy the full gist of this! 🙂

offendedblogger: Uncle Frank?? hahaha.

*that’s only moderately funny if you remember “conch” is pronounced “conk”.

**my way of saying CLICK ON THE PICTURE, FOLKS!

Comment by snuppy

I see…more than I ever needed to see, but hey…it took me a while and a whole conversation to realize that clicking on the picture helps…Yowza, that is quite a big ocean!

Comment by Penguin

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