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Saturday, 29 December 2007, 9:33am
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I really do wish I had the time to devote to a proper year end post.  You know, expertly toss off my TopTen and point out a few faves from this past year right here in our own little corner of the Blogosphere.  But that would require being prepared for class today. 

I will however just jump on NPR’s band-wagon and feature some of their year end best-ofs.  Some music I have featured, some I’ve been meaning to and some that I eventually will.  So let’s roll em: 

 Listeners’ Picks from All Songs Considered:  The People Have Voted

The Year in Review from All Songs Considered:  According to the reviewers at All Songs Considered – a review of music from the past year (not all glowing).

Songs of the Year/2007 Best Music:  Their picks for Best

It is the end of the year and I feel that I should have something profound to wrap up the year, or should I?

CHUCK PROPHET really deserves a proper spin of his own as he is fast becoming one of my faves of 2007.  But since we’re priming up for New Years (which is oh so rockin – not, in the Lampsha Household), I thought something to kick it off would be nice and so here’s Chuck:

Above song is Freckle Song from Chuck’s release Soap and Water.  You can hear a few more tunes over on his MySpace and check out more about him at Chuck Prophet.com

So a year’s gone by in the blink of an eye, and a few spins later here I am wishing you all a Happy New Year.  I hope it brings good health, success and happiness to all.  If those things elude you, meet me here next Saturday.  Happy New Year!


PS:  Somebody’s balls are dropping at Humor-blogs.com

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Actually, I’ve gotten too far ahead of myself, have a great weekend first. I’m going over the river and through the woods to visit family so have a great day!

Comment by LAMPSHA

Have a Happy and Safe time watching balls dropping.

Comment by Brian

I like the metaness of a year-end summary of year-end summaries. Also this song.

Comment by Walela

Cool song! Geez, if it wasn’t for your Saturday Spin I’d never hear ANYTHING new. Thanks – and have a happy New Year yourself!

Comment by Harmonica Man

Great post DJ…love the lists and like Chuck Prophet a lot. Have a great weekend.

Comment by BoBo

You said ‘toss off’…hehehe…’expertly toss off’…hehehe…

Comment by Patrick D.

Happy New Year! And thank you for all the great spins. I really enjoy them, and I always learn something. This is the first I’ve heard of Chuck Prophet.

Comment by actonbell

I drank coffee on the ride home to make sure I stayed perky and now I’m home and well, perky so I thought I’d drop in…

Brian, thanks – it should all happen within the safety of my own home.

Walela, there could be no end to the analysis. Good song isn’t it?

Harmonica Man, dude you are so getting paid for that promotion! Actually, I’m glad you find anything that catches your ear – so grand. Thanks much.

Bobo, I had a feeling that you might like him. I also thought you might find another “Black Keys” in the lists. Thanks – you too.

Patrick D, heh heh – I did. Welcome aboard.

Actonbell, thanks for dropping by and having coffee (or a beer) with us. Your point of view is always welcomed and interesting.

Happy New Year.

Comment by LAMPSHA

What a Grand Note to end a Year of Fabulous Spins on, NBFF! i, too, had not heard of Chuck Prophet before now, but will most definitely be listening to him in the future! can’t wait to check out the other links, either. last year’s provided us with a few new favorites, guessing this year will be no exception.

anyway, sorry i didn’t check in sooner — yesterday turned out to be quite the eventful one, what with picking up a certain beautiful Penguin from the airport after she spent the past week basking in a variety of things, including, but not limited to, sunshine. lucky for her i was here to help ensure the memories of her trip would forever remain in her head, since she no longer has photographic proof she went anywhere. that’s right, one quick click of teh camera, and i managed to ERASE all her pictures. needless to say, i am more than a little verklempt. guessing she won’t want to hang around us much longer (might explain why she’s going back to Iceland, tonight.) oy vey and aieeeeeeeeee! (i’m very upset and/or embarrassed, can you tell?)

ah well — happily you’ve managed to provide a number of outstanding artists and/or tunes to help soothe my oh-so-frazzled nerves.

,,\/(^^) may this be a Happy and Peaceful New Year for you, too!

Comment by snuppy

Oh no, how bad for you both. I’m so sorry about the pics and I just know how badly you must be feeling about that.

Anyway, listen to some music and calm your nerves. If you want, let me know what time you’ll be at the airport and we’ll come by for a quick hello and goodbye (if we can work it out). Monika may not be in the mood for an entourage so no worries either way.

Happy and peaceful to you NBFF! Here’s hoping it’s a good one for us both 🙂 XOX

Comment by LAMPSHA

Thanks Sis, for all great new discoveries in music this year. I don’t know how or why you find them, but you never steered any of us wrong. Delighted with the Freckle song… I’m now rockin and in the mood for New Year’s frivolities (er.. well, a night cuddled up with a little guy toasting sparkling cider at Grandma’s house ;). Hope the Penguin gets off to her home sweet home – she should be all caught up on her sleep so she can be a witness to the fabulous firework show in Reykjavik tomorrow night. Too too bad about the pictures – a woe is me I’ve done the very same thing myself.

Toodles – thanks for the memories –
Happy New Year!

Comment by tsduff

Terry, my west coast sister (who I know I will meet some day) – your presence here at the weekend party is always a delight, and that’s whether you bring your accordian or not. Your festivities sound like mine and I’m sure we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thanks for helping to make them and a Happy New Year to you and the family! XOX

Comment by LAMPSHA

Was reading
the list of top 50 CD’s and 90 songs
Couldn’t help be struck by the age of
so many singer/songwriters

Have a wonderful wonderful New Year

Comment by pia

Pia, wishing you the very best this New Year. I’m not sure which list becuase there’s so many to root around in, but I’m guessing they were pretty young.


Comment by LAMPSHA

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