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Happy New Year blah blah blah by Snuppy
Tuesday, 1 January 2008, 11:43am
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harvey the rabbitOKAY so now that everyone and their Aunt Fannie knows about the way we stupidly destroyed every single one of the fabulous pictures documenting TEH PENGUIN’S Christmas Vacation in America, we think it’s safe to say we ended 2007 on a pretty stinky note. That said, far are we’re concerned, our careless act of Memory Vandalism was among the least egregious of all the things that happened because of us — and/or to us — that contributed to making 2007 the Year of Suck*. Which is why we’re so flippin’ ecstatic to finally be able to pat 2007 on the head as we kick its lame ass out the door.

NATURALLY, our ability to wave goodbye to a lousy year is beside the point. The point, which would have preferred to sleep in, is that, on a day dedicated to Rose Parades and/or bowl games, we thought it might be fun to shift the focus from Acts of Random Stupidity to Stupid Actions in Sports. Why? Because we can. Also, because we’re too tired to come up with anything else, what with all our celebratory activities last night, including, but not limited to: watching TV, eating Mexican take-out, and drinking one too many cups of tea. (oh yeah, like none of you have ever had to get up more than once during the night to pee) Besides, last time we looked, a few of you were — and are — sports fans. So shut up and enjoy the fact that we’re not “featuring” another Holiday “rerun” today (altho’, we have to say we honestly thought the FIRST POST OF LAST YEAR was pretty damn good).

SPEAKING of Die Hard Sports Fans, many thanks to BOBO (not blogging much these days, are we?), who’s own “bad year” included a piss poor showing by his beloved team, the St. Louis Rams (3-13 in regular season? wow, they were suck) for showing us the following video — which serves, we think, as an excellent reminder to one and all NOT to sweat the small stuff, because… Shit Happens.

(originally, we were going to show a shorter version of the clip — but elected to share this one because it includes the #1 “sports blooper” of last year, which kind of made us cringe, but mostly cracked us up)


Every day’s a good day at HUMOR-BLOGS.COM.

*2007 was BEYOND good for more reasons than we care to list here — suffice to say we smiled almost as much as we cringed and/or cried over the past 12 months. Here’s hoping ALL of you can say the same.


and, of course…

Rabbit, Rabbit


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oy… tough to post on a day when the brain cells are still splayed out on the pillow.

hope you all had a safe and happy New Year’s Eve — and that 2008 is filled with Love, Happiness, and Peace.

Comment by snuppy

Owie! Happy New Year!

Comment by Walela

Ah yes, when things go wrong in sports they tend to go very wrong. Rabbit Rabbit and Happy New Year to one and all. Excellent post to begin 2008 Snups.

Comment by BoBo

Happy New Year to all!!!

Comment by Miz BoheMia

OY VEY! That looked painful.
(Note to self, don’t take up gymnastics.)
Happy New Year!

Comment by Logo™

Quilly’s had that happen, Penguin. Only she did it to herself. (General memo: don’t buy Kodak, don’t try to run Kodak software on Vista.)

“Aaack! Vista! Cooties!!



You weren’t invited. Go back to your corner and wait ’til you’re called. Don’t hold your breath waiting. I want to start this new year off semi sensibly.

More laughter for 2008.

Comment by oceallaigh

Happy New Year Snuppy and Bobo! Good call on the bloopers vid. I loves me a good blooper. 🙂

But I thought the MN Vikings were the all time best blooper…

Comment by Jeff

Happy New Year to you, too, whoever you are. Suffice to say, I LOVE the customized Hopper header. As Arnie says: “I’ll be back.”

Comment by simonelli

Well, I wish you a very Happy New Year. I am real good a pretending things never happened, so just come see me when you want to forget.

Comment by nessa

Happy new Year to all Snarksters near and far. I can’t watch the video yet…work has got me back, but I´ll check it out as soon as I get home. I am curious as to the Owie-part of it all 🙂

Comment by Penguin

How many people were killed during the making of that video?
wow…sport certainly is not for the faint hearted. I missing this particular funny bone though, my hands just went up to my face and my pupils widened in horror. I blame my nursing education.

Comment by Penguin

Rabbit rabbit! and Happy New Year! Here’s to a wonderful 2008 for all!


Comment by LAMPSHA

uh…I just noticed the bunny ear shadows in the picture. Nice!

Comment by Penguin

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