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Teh Penguin by Snuppy
Wednesday, 2 January 2008, 11:26am
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A post in which we mock ourselves mercilessly for failing to notice that TEH PENGUIN has yet to return to the “Snarky Fold”, and then rail against the “forces of evilishness” responsible for undoing our best laid plans to get our nails done attend to a few pieces of Very Important Business… Even as we work at a feverish pace to win back our Icelandic friend and/or maintain our impressive new and improved “stats” on Humor-blogs.com.

shame on usDEAR Feather-brained Maroon…

REMEMBER when you thought it would be okay to wait until the 15th to pay the mortgage, only to discover that The Helpful Staff at your Local Lending Company cares less about postmarks and more about getting their grubby paws on your savings ASAP, chastising you with the words “what about the phrase due on the 5th don’t you get?”, and then decided to charge you an additional late fee of $317? Bad enough to know a mere $4.19 is allotted each month towards something The Bank jokingly refers to as “principal”, did you really need to give them a reason to demand additional monies you don’t have? Of course not. Well guess what, Brainiac, putting yourself in the position of having to write a post at the last freaking minute, when you have More Important Things to do with your morning (like taking down a crispy Christmas tree deemed a “hazard” by the Stamford Fire Marshal, mailing that large/heavy box to the aforementioned Penguin, and/or getting a manicure), definitely falls into that category. Only, instead of paying out insidious amounts of cold hard e-monies to person and/or persons currently sucking your account dry, now you’re charged with the task of crafting something coherent and/or amusing in just under 2 hours (assuming you plan to keep your nail appointment this morning, and we know you do).

OKAY, so maybe teh Penguin did tell you she planned to write something brilliant for today, but that’s beside the point. Teh point, which didn’t have to spend endless hours at the terminal Sunday Night in hopes of getting home in time to ring in the New Year with 300,000 close friends is this: Minka’s promise came before you deleted all her pictures — the same photos she told you she might like to share with a few of her bloggy friends, remember? If that ain’t grounds for going AWOP (Absent Without Posting) we don’t know what is. That said, won’t she be happy to know we “found” a few shots on our own camera she never saw? Why yes, we believe she will. Hopefully she won’t mind too terribly if one or two are slightly out of focus…

(in 6 pictures…)

pretty tree
Close up of festive tree
Rockefeller Center
Fabulous Rockefeller Center,
look closely, Teh Pengiun is right
next to the 2nd angel from the left…
Angel heralding arrival of Penguin,
aren’t they both lovely?
bobo's office?
Fabulous view of Manhattan from BoBo’s
office window…
better close up of tree
Hooray! It’s time to open a few gifts!
teh penguin with penguin
Aw, a cute little penguin…
what more could a girl with a
Penguin avatar want?

WHAT can we say? Despite your good “luck” in locating what few pictures remain of Teh Penguin’s American Christmas Vacation — which afforded you the opportunity to blog about something today — we’re disappointed in your lack of foresight and/or inability to think beyond the price of postage to Iceland and/or what shade of polish will be Expertly Applied to your soon-to-be-buffed nails. Get it together, won’t you please? If not for us, do it for… no, wait… come to think of it, you should do it for us, because we’re nothing, if not you. D’oh!


Only a feather-brained maroon would wait ’til the last minute to read Humor-blogs.com.


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sometimes ya just gotta hit “publish” before you overthink a post and wind up doing nothing (said the blogger who spent WAY too much time trying to figure out how to “recreate” some of the magic that was: Rockefeller Center) oh well, at least the ONE picture of Monika is mighty cute, right? right!

FYI: Teh Penguin actually DID remember about her posting day — of course, she didn’t start writing her own clever offering until i was almost finished with this one, so a lot of good that did. heh heh… kidding, i kid! as an extra — and oh-so-happy bonus, HER post will be up, tomorrow! 🙂

Comment by snuppy

well you´ve got a few things up your sleeve.
Posting on Wednesdays has not escaped me yet, although i had a bit of a sleep-in this morning and woke up with the sudden “Damn, it’s Wednesday…what to post?!” kinda revelation. I am glad you managed just fine without me, now off to Jane with you…Might I suggest a lovely brownish color???

Comment by Penguin

Penguin: truth be told, i never expected you to do a post today (well, maybe a little one…) honestly, i don’t know how you’re able to walk and talk, let alone write after your lo-o-o-o-ong journey back to Iceland!

as for my nails? damn me and my desire to get my legs massaged, for i won’t be seeing “the girls” until tomorrow. d’oh! (don’t you wish you were here and going, too? i know I do!) 😉

Comment by snuppy

Just imagine how much brain space would be freed if there were no bills to pay…what a wonderful world it would be…oh well. Entertaining as per usual my dear Snup…cool “photography” to boot!

Comment by BoBo

You write better “at the last minute” than most do after a week of thinking and trying to write.

Happy New Year and a belated Rabbit Rabbit. Good post below.

Comment by tlp

I think you succeeded in not overthinking this post. And yet, as always, you’re funny.

Comment by Walela

I can totally top you in absent-mindedness. It’s a good thing that I don’t hold a position of importance like church treasurer or something.

Oh crap. I think maybe the pastor isn’t getting paid this month.

Comment by Diesel

BoBo: i’m especially proud of the shots i snapped off the computer (thank you Google, for helping to make this another Wonderful Holiday Post!) 🙄

TLP: Happy New Year and Rabbit, Rabbit to you, too! man, am i LAME, or what? i’ve not visited anyone’s blogs much over the past couple of weeks. i resolve (heh) to do better, starting with yours! 🙂

Walela: heh. despite my own fair share of “OCD”ishness, i’m not real big on “over-thinking” — which probably helps to explain why i dress the way i do. 😉

Diesel: paychecks are very overrated. 🙄

Comment by snuppy

You were so lucky to find those excellent photos.

Comment by Nessa

AWOP – a blog term is coined. Good post for someone going in seven directions at once (as opposed to your usual five 🙂

Good photos – very abstract art-ish. Love the penguins! Nicely done, NBFF!

Comment by Lampsha

Better some than none I always say… the lights are pretty 🙂

Good show!

Comment by Terry

Do the first 4 pictures represent how Manhattan looked after copious amounts of alcohol? Because I think you captured that quite well 😉

Comment by Jeff

By the way, spectacular tree.

Comment by Walela

…authorities reported that alcohol was involved…
-regarding those questionable photos 🙂

Comment by claire

That’s the second longest set of legs I’ve ever seen on a penguin. The longest, of course, were on Teh Penguin. 😛

Comment by I Dive At Night

Nessa: tell me about it! heh heh. 😉

Lampsha: as i was “creating” these shots this morning, i was struck by how difficult it is to take pictures out of focus with a digital camera. funny, i do it all the time when i’m NOT trying. 🙄

Terry: i figured shiny objects would serve to distract folks from the lack of actual subject matter. 😉

Jeff: sober 30 years, bub. imagine what i could do if i DID drink! boggles the mind, doesn’t it? 🙄

Walela: from what i’ve heard, YOUR tree was rather spectacular, as well. 😉

Claire: heh heh. alcohol or aging eyes. (ask Monika, if i’m not wearing my reading glasses, i’m taking completely shitty pictures. aieeee) 🙂

Morgan: hahahaha. Teh Penguin’s legs are quite lovely, and that’s a fact! we decided her stuffed penguin looked more like a Puffin, but don’t tell teh folks in Iceland, i hear they like their Puffin stuffed/baked to a golden brown, and served with gravy and potatoes on the side. ewwwww. 😉

Comment by snuppy

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