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Saturday, 5 January 2008, 10:41am
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This is not the first time (and I suspect not the last) I’ve updated a post and the saving of it took forever…and then didn’t take.  Grrrrr. 

Damn this overthinking or more accurately, distractibility. I have a bunch of possible spins in a folder, and a few others up my sleeve. Then I cast a net and start thinking about who to spin. Of course, one listen leads to the next and the group they used to be with and who they produced. I wish that I could just do a live spin here all day, but….time sure does fly and I get tired and flip a coin:

Where last we left off in the Spin cycle –  before the Holiday Hullabaloo of posts hit, we were listening to Dan Wilson. We liked Dan, didn’t we? Well our artist today produced his latest album. I thought a segueueueue’s a segue and so, here we have Mike Doughty. I’m not sure how updated Mike’s site is as it doesn’t list his current album, Golden Delicious.*  But he does have a blog which is accessible from his site.  It’s mostly gig photos with some commentary and banter sprinkled in, which was cool.

Mike Doughty (like Dan) spent the 90’s in a cult fave band. He fronted Soul Coughing until their breakup in 2000. Since then, he’s been out on his own and sounds like he’s making some good music which you can check out at his MySpace.

This video is for the song, Looking, which is from his 2005 album, Haughty Melodic. The live version from Letterman is on MySpace.

Now I’m off to get my life in order which goes something like how I seek out a spin.  Who’s sock is this, oh and that’s his sister’s violin book – where is that cd and shouldn’t this be downstairs?  Maybe, I’d better have some coffee first, but let me listen to the Mike Doughty song again…

Have a great weekend all!


* Probably because it won’t be released until February – oops.

ps:  You may not get your life in order, but you’ll laugh thinking you ever had a shot over at Humor-blogs.com!

pps:  Hot on the trails of our own LBP’s post yesterday, I dedicate the song 27 Jennifers to her. 

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The enemy of good? Better.

Pfew, my work here is done. I’m off to do something that will meaningfully change my life. Oy vay! I forgot to feed Louie!!!

Louie, Louie, forgive me. Have a great weekend.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

I like the song. Go get your stuff in order, woman!

Comment by Walela

Walela, that’s it, I’m outta here like last year! Louie’s fed, my work here is done!

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Haughty Melodic is damn near incredible. Somewhat because it came out on my birthday, but mostly because it’s full of great songs. I’m looking forward to Golden Delicious.

Comment by Howard

Good song. I enjoyed the video and all of the wacky things going on.

I’m going to have another cuppa before I get my life in order. It’s possible right? Just say right and leave me my delusions.

Comment by nessa

The hits just keep on coming from DJ Lampsha!! Another find that forces me to, once again, open the money pipeline to my itunes account.

Have a great weekend.

Comment by BoBo

Howard, so happy to see your saintly profile! A Taurus you are ?

Based on that Howard, I need to own a full copy – no song downloads for me! So nice to see you ’round.

Nessa, me too. I loved the kids playing ring around a rosie over him. It was good.

Anything’s possible Nessa – it’s daytime and hope springs eternal. Enjoy your cuppa.

Bobo, it was time for a few new tunes, wasn’t it? Enjoy and have a great weekend.

PS: I was looking for something and I hit upon your spin of the Fratellis whom I really enjoyed and must look into further. So, in other words, turnabout is fair play.

Enjoy your weekend all. I’m back to the coal mines. xox

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Very nice! But for every 27 Jennifers, there are 29 Debbies, I’m sure of it.

Comment by Deb

Aww a song dedication? Thanks DJ. In school there were 3 Jennifers in a row in attendence. 2 of us with the last name starting with H. I was known as Jennifer Ho. Think they were telling me something?

Comment by littlebluepill

That’s a great video, and I like his sound. He looks like a cuter Phil Collins, too.

Comment by actonbell

Great song. For being a musician, I am embarrassed by how shamefully ignorant I am of all the great stuff that’s out there these days. That’s why I NEED your Saturday Spins! – jeff

Comment by Harmonica Man

Deb, that was one of my gradeschool friend’s names. You’re right though, that was everybody’s friend’s name.

LBP, it was only fitting. Ooh, talk about a self fulfilling prophecy! I’m kidding, I kid! :()

Actonbell, I agree – on all counts. I couldn’t figure out who he reminded me of but that’s it exactly – a cuter Phil Collins!

Harmonica Man, you musicians – too busy jamming I’m sure. Whatever little smidgeon of music I hear that I like, I’m happy to share it with you guys!

PS: Maybe we’ll have to feature you here one Saturday 😉 Ooh and Snuppy sings – I think we have the makings of a band! Doesn’t not-Crummy-atall-Joel play something?

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

the only thing Snuppy’s singing these days is the blues my dearest NBFF. mostly because i’m sick, but ALSO because i let the whole weekend go by without telling you how much i enjoyed this week’s spin! (i confess to watching the first video you planned to share early Saturday morning — before you posted — and fear i’m the reason you “lost” the changes you made in your post. d’oh!) anyway, i really really like this artist, and am will now prevail upon BoBo to upload some of his stuff to my iPod (how did we ever get by without those things?)

\,,/(^^)\,,/ another GRAND SPIN, Lampsha! you rock!

Comment by snuppy

Better get some of that cubic zirconian going to rid you of that cold!!!

Feel better soon. xox

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

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