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URL Be Sorry… by Snuppy
Thursday, 10 January 2008, 9:50am
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where are url?OH how we lovelovelove it when our son saves us the trouble of coming up with a topic for a post. Witness the following e-mail* sent earlier in the week regarding Unfortunate Website Names that made it onto the ‘net:


to re-think that URL before committing it to the internet

1. First up, a company calledWho Represents‘ featuring agents who represent bona fide stars, like, say, Britney Spears and/or Paris Hilton. Their domain name… wait for it: whorepresents.com

2. Experts Exchange, a knowledge base where programmers can exchange advice and views at: expertsexchange.com

3. If you’re looking for a great ball point, the good folks at Pen Island can help: penisland.net

4. Best way to find someone to help sort through all those relationship issues? therapistfinder.com

5. Anyone in need of backup electricity might want to contact the Italian Power Generator company: powergenitalia.com (we checked this one out and discovered the site was “under construction”, meaning it may or may not be a real company)

6. To create the perfect backyard playground for your kids, be sure to consult with the landscape experts at Mole Station Native Nursery, (based in New South Wales): molestationnursery.com (bless their hearts, the owners apparently realized the error or their URL ways, and have since changed the name)

7. Bad joke or good computer software? You decide: ipanywhere.com

8. A little slice of heaven can be found at First Cumming Methodist Churchcummingfirst.com

9. Fast, fanciful and full of gas?: speedofart.com

10. Finally (and we think this is hilarious) an online holiday brochure for folks hoping to “get lucky” in beautiful Lake Tahoe: gotahoe.com

*truth be told, the e-mail our son sent was worded differently, but we need to give credit where credit is due — mostly because we’re not capable of making up website names like the ones you see in this post.

PS: our son chided us justthisminute for not crediting the website responsible for doing these links in the first place. Anyone interested can learn more about ’em HERE. We know nothing about this site, and, as such, are not comfortable recommending it to any of you. That said, since our son apparently does read it from time to time, we suppose it can’t be all bad…


Seymor Butz and Ollie Tabooger hang out at HUMOR-BLOGS.COM.

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i realize i may be the only one (along with my son) who thinks some of these site names are hilarious — but, as you all know, since i’m the only one writing today’s post, i don’t care! heh… actually, i DO care, but since i’m coming off a crappy cold AND i have a pedicure appointment later this morning, i really didn’t have time to carefully “craft” anything else.

sue me. you can contact my lawyers at Dewey, Cheatham, & Howe. 😉

Comment by snuppy

Whorepresents: Britney and Paris!

Oh. MY. GOD! I love it! These are great. Ya done good Snuppy! I was gonna say get well quick, but since you’re lucky enough to be having a pedicure appointment today, I have to hate you instead. Sorry.

Comment by tlp

I would have bet money that Cumming First was a farce. I still can’t believe a church would have that as its link. Too funny Snuppy. Be sure to thank your son for me 🙂

Comment by Jeff

I bet they did #1 on purpose.

Comment by Nessa

[…] 10, 2008 in hello?, humor, memoir This post was inspired by Snuppy of Central Snark.  My post doesn’t quite align with hers, but if you visit her site I think you will see how […]

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Too funny! I once worked at an out reach office with a name that had to be enunciated slowly and clearly otherwise . . . .

You know. I think you’ve just given me my post for the day. Thanks!

Comment by QuillDancer

Ah yes we only see what we’re programmed to see…still more proof. By the way, I believe I’m related to Cheatham.

Comment by BoBo

I.P. Daily doesn’t hang out on Humor Blogs anymore? Awwwww

Comment by Chris C

This just the sort of thing I think is funny! Did you guys ever check out Zero Punctuation at the escapistmagazine.com? That guy is clever, snarky and downright hilarious. He posts a new video game review every week.

Comment by claire

I think the First Cumming Church is made up of unsatisfied women taking a stand.
These are too funny, snuppy.

Comment by Penguin

No Chris, but I.P. Freely does 🙂

Claire, that’s the guy you had on your blog recently – fabulous…Hey Snup, maybe Claire would like to do a post…

Look at me just jumping in and commenting back, can’t help myself. Loved these – great post out of nothing and cold meds! XOX

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Therapistfinder reminds me of the episode of Arrested Development where Tobias decides he’s going to be a combination therapist and analyst, so he gets cards made up that say “Analrapist.”

Comment by Diesel

YOWZA! what the hell happened to me yesterday?? sorry about that…

TLP: if i made you laugh then i know i did something right! 🙂

Jeff: i was a doubting Thomas too (regarding Cumming First) — which is why i checked out the link before posting it. 😉

Nessa: hard to imagine someone didn’t notice before locking in the domain name, right? 🙄

Quilldancer: i LOVELOVELOVED the post you did as a result of this one! still cracking up over “nude erections”. 🙂

BoBo: and Howe! 😉

Chris: no, but Ivana Tinkle is still around. as it Mike Rotch. 😉

Claire: cool! i will definitely check him out (oooh, and bonus — maybe turn my son on to his site!) 🙂


Lampsha: ooooh! great idea! i also happen to know of a certain Angry Seafood dude (chris?) who’s already mentioned his willingness to do one, as well. perhaps we should put out the “call to blog” to ALL our friends? worth a shot! 🙂

Diesel: i can’t believe i forgot to mention that in the post! for you’re right, it was a classic! (oh how i miss that show) 😉

Comment by snuppy

Yes, Lampsha is correct, my offer of writing a guest post for Central Snark is always on the table. Just let me know about three days before so I have time to edit and polish it. 🙂

Comment by Chris C

damn, diesel stole my comment about Tobia’s dig as an analrapist. Sigh…

I just love thinking about all the humorous possibilities in regards to whore presents…

Comment by dashofpanache

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