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Wherefore Art… Crummy Joel? by Snuppy
Tuesday, 15 January 2008, 10:49am
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HE says...Hey Snuppy.

My grad school started tonight and I JUST got home, completely forgetting about the Snark and now I don’t have time/energy to write anything. I’m sorry but I won’t have anything today.

I will try and post stuff earlier in the week to make my normal Tuesday appearance. It’s clear to me now that Monday nights just aren’t going to work out.

So sorry…

Your Friend in Crumminess ~ Joel

SHE says...Dear Crummiest of Crummy Joels:

NO worries! Just because I have a gazillion things to do today, planned in anticipation of NOT having to write a post for the Snark, is NO reason for YOU to feel guilty. No reason at ALL. What’s my Annual Physical compared to your need to catch a few extra Z’s? Why should my family be treated to an Actual Hot Meal when YOU’RE out of energy? Who cares if the dogs don’t go out until later this afternoon? A little poop on an expensive carpet is NOTHING when compared to those bags under you eyes, right?

SO go. Feel free to think and teach and sleep to your heart’s desire. Don’t worry about us. We’ll be fine. I’m sure those palpitations I’ve been experiencing are merely a product of too much caffeine.

Yours Very *cough cough* Truly ~ Snuppy

*** *** ***

UH, ya know what happens when we find out at 7:13 AM that it’s our “turn” to post and we’re fresh outta inspiration? We seek help from our son, who spends more time than he probably should ‘stumbling’ around on the internet. That said, he DOES manage to toss a few “interesting” things our way, now and again, so, um, maybe his efforts aren’t ALL for naught. Whatever… we’ve got places to go, meals to plan, stains to clean — which means we simply can’t hang around here all day scrounging around for something “entertaining” to write about.

ALL this to say: Golly! Thanks son! Those links were awesome! Honestly, we loveloveloved every single one of ’em, and can’t wait to share them ALL with each and every one of our friends! We’ve decided to start with that first one, and will work our way up to the William Shatner video, sometime next week. And speaking of this first link, you’ll be happy to know it only took a couple of hours, 7 Extra-Strength Tylenol, and one giant step back from the computer screen to figure out who in the hell was being featured in that picture below! Keep up the good work, and yes, you WILL have to drive us to the optometrist’s office later in the week… wji dp ipi asl?

illusion #1

WE know staring at this “picture” will give you a headache AND cause you to go blind in one eye, but isn’t that better than forcing you to watch/listen to another round of ridiculously untalented people vying for a spot on that coveted-yet-ridiculously big/scary AMERICAN IDOL stage (yes, Virginia, it’s that time of the year, again) like we did on this date, last year? Yeah, we thought so, too.

WE owe a hearty thanks to our favorite curmudgeon, WALELA, who helped us realize we could actually make a “game” out of this thing (something we might have figured out on our own, had we not been in such a rush to publish it, in the first place). Therefore, and taking our cue from TEH PENGUIN‘s legendary Thursday Trivia posts, please hint at the name of the person (or thing) you “see” in that picture. That way we’ll all have fun, and today’s post won’t seem like such a complete waste of time. 😉


Fpr a gppd to,e. read JU,OR-B;PGS.CP,.

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so? can ya tell who’s face that is peering from behind those bars? it took a few minutes for my eyes to adjust, but i finally got it! (that’s a lie from the pits of hell, it took SEVERAL, and even longer for them to UNcross… but, as so often happens when i realize i need new glasses, i digress…)

and just so everyone knows… i am SO NOT angry and/or upset with Crummy(NOT)Joel. we lovelovelove that guy around here, and wish him all the best with his graduate endeavors. my bad for not checking my e-mail last night. 😉

Comment by snuppy

I think I saw it in the second sentence. Are we supposed to blurt it out? Write a limerick? What’s the deal?

Comment by Walela

Walela: deal? uh…. in my haste to get this thing up, i kind of forgot about that part. thinkin’ it’s okay to blurt it out. altho’, now that i ponder it for a tick, maybe we should take a cue from teh dear Penguin and HINT? sure… why not? 😉

Comment by snuppy

I could be wrong, but I “imagine” it’s a famous singer?

Comment by Harmonica Man

Jeff: koo koo ca choo, Harmonica Man! 😉

Comment by snuppy

I’m a jerk. 😦

Comment by CrummyJoel

I know though I have no clues. It certainly didn’t take me hours to figure it out. Maybe 2-3 minutes. Not to brag or anything.

Well maybe a little.

Comment by littlebluepill

Ain’t that a shame, how come nobody told me how hard I was going to have to work to comment at Central Snark? I can’t imagine who/what this is, so I’m stepping out on a limb and guessing it was once part of a singing scarab set.

Comment by QuillDancer

My eyes must not work right, or maybe it’s my computer, but I just see a bunch of lines. I’ve stepped away, come back, squinted, crossed my eyes, uncrossed them and zilch, zip, nada.

Comment by Theresa

Woman, please let me explain, Crummy Joel never meant to cause you sorrow or pain.

I knew it right away after the transformation from a woman from the late 1800’s.

Comment by Lampsha

He tried to be funny and say ‘Jesus Christ’ in the same sentence. It didn’t work.

Comment by ariel

Snuppy, give peace a chance and forgive Crummy Joel.

This person’s birthday is 7 days after mine. Now I know you all will guess; D

Comment by Nessa

Hmmmmm!!! I saw it right away…I am bragging. I know but after having been absent for so many days…weeks…months…I had to get right into form. Oh!!! Yes, who is it? A little round car was names for him….ooooooor he was named for the little round car. I was going to say what the very smart QuillDanser said…but she beat me to it…that’s my story and I am sticking to it…I know I left something hanging in the last setence…that is why I am adding to it…OK!!!I give up.

Comment by Mo'a Remember me? Kitten heels!!!

You people need to just let it be.

Comment by claire

Maybe if I saw him naked in bed with some oriental chick I might get it. But as it is, I’m nowhere man.

Comment by tlp

ONO! I can’t IMAGINE who it is.
It still looks like Buddha to me.

Comment by weirsdo

tries to re-focus her eyes. Wow that is one disorienting picture. I had trouble reading your post around it.
I couldn’t see the person. But from the hints (what a marvelous idea!) I gathered the long-haired flying animal I should see.
I am not trying again though!

Comment by Penguin

C(not)J: guess again, bucko. you may be many things, but “jerk” will never be one of ’em (unless you have a thing for paddle-ball games and plaid thermoses, that is…) 😉

LBP: i blame my inability to focus on my crappy glasses. (trust me, the need for reading glasses is one of the worst things about getting old. not that i’m “old” so much as Highly Experienced, mind you, but still…) 🙄

Quilldancer: in fact, initially they got their start when they were just 17 as The Singing Scarabs, performing all their songs a cappella. 😉

Theresa: in the words of our guy ~ “The more I see, the less I know for sure”. hope that helps. (don’t ask me what that means… for i have NO idea!) 🙂

Lampsha: tell the truth, NBFF, you saw the lamp first didn’t you? 😉

Ariel: yeah, but he thought he was hilarious. i blame it on the drugs. and, maybe, Yoko. 😉

Nessa: that was mentioned in the eulogy, wasn’t it? 😉

M’oa: YAY!! it is fabulous to see your happy face here in the Snark again! better to mention the car, as opposed to saying his first name is a common bathroom fixture, i suppose. 🙂

Claire: no, YOU let it be. let it be. let it be… let it be. (uh-oh, that chorus is contagious…) 😉

TLP: where’s that silver hammer when ya need it? 🙄

Weirsdo: heh heh… pretty sure “Buddha pre-head shave” was the look he was after. 😉

Penguin: it’s funny how his picture shows up so clearly form some, and not at all for others. this is kind of like those bizarre computer-generated “hidden” pictures, only not. don’t strain those beautiful eyes… pretty sure you’re gonna need ’em if you hope to breeze through your classes this semester! 🙂

Comment by snuppy

Next time I go to Reykjavik I plan (if it is the right date) to see the light monument erected in his honor (PEACE AND LOVE) by his wife last year.

Comment by Terry

The guy in the picture isn’t your average John. Ono, I hope the clues HELP!, otherwise you’ll be looking at a Hard Days Night trying to figure it out.

Comment by Rey dTutto

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