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Wednesday, 23 January 2008, 9:30am
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penguin knock-knock joke



WHO’S there?


D’OH! thanks to some unreasonable stupid demanding instructor and/or boss, TEH PENGUIN will not be making her usual Highly Anticipated and/or Appreciated appearance in The Snark this morning. Or this afternoon, for that matter. Aieeee. Needless to say, Minka’s Unfortunate Situation has managed to create an New and Enhanced Unfortunate Situation for us, in that we need to be out the door and on the road to Manhattan in less than an hour, and, call us crazy (so many of you already have), we think it might be nice to take a shower first, mostly because we haven’t bothered to do so in a few days. What can we say… hygiene tends to take a back seat when we’ve other things to do. What those other things are, we can’t recall, but we think they had something to do with Birthdays and/or Poorly Decorated Cakes (future post is pending, and should be ready by this time, next week soon eventually). Naturally, Major Distractions, Body Odor, and/or Crappy Birthday Cakes are beside the point. The point, before we scrub it off with our favorite French-milled soap, is this: Monika’s not here. We are here. We must post. We will post. You will read. Maybe you’ll laugh. Maybe you won’t. It won’t matter. We’ll be away. Oh dear Lord. What’s going on? We can’t stop. Writing like this. Help Mr. Wizard.

UH… guessing you all wonder what the hell that was about. Well kids, in lieu of writing an Actual Post, we believe we’ll tell you. Recently we came across a truly surprising/compelling — not to mention cool — bit of programming, based on a premise created by some Clever Someone working for ABC News. The concept? Tell a “story” using only 3 words. As you’re about to see for your own happy selves, more than a few folks are capable of expressing an enormous amount of emotion in a brief amount of time. Based on what you’ve gleaned about us over the past several months, you know we’d never be able to articulate as much — or as well — as some of the participants did with so little, tho’ we’d like to think we’d come close. Maybe we could. Maybe we’d fail. We’ll never know. We’ll never try. Yes, that’s right. We are suck.

WHATEVER we are, this video is amazing. Watch, listen, learn.

(3 Words is a featured segment of ABC’s i-CAUGHT TV… click on the link (“click, watch, submit”) to see another brilliant montage… actually, we liked it even better than the one we’ve shared above, but were unable to post it directly to this page. Like we said. We are suck.)

OKAY, your turn. Write a comment. In 3 words. If you can’t. Do like us. Break up sentences. Into smaller sections. It should work. It WILL work.




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go for it.

i’m outta here. 😉

Comment by snuppy

I will try. Hard to do. You were funny. A little stinky. Said for laughs. Go live life.

Comment by nessa

Just three words…a simple life…yearned for reality.

Comment by BoBo

Central Snark rocks!

Comment by Jeff

Rickey can’t see shit, therefore Rickey will not be commenting on the unseen.

Comment by Rickey Henderson

Nessa: stinky and suck. 😉

Bobo: you and me. in Bar Harbor. sounds so-o-o-o- good. 🙂

Jeff: you’re awesome, too! 🙂

Ricky: sorry ’bout that. try again, later? 🙄

Comment by snuppy

Penguin checks in.

Penguin awfully sorry.

Penguin made post.

Comment by Penguin

You very funny. Me laugh lots. Tummy totally tickles.

Comment by Penguin

You are amazing.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

This post rocks!

Comment by LAMPSHA

Life is grand.

Comment by G

This is excellent. Okay, three word count officially over. great, just what I needed – another addiction on the computer. But thanks for finding and showing it here.

It smells nice here though now…

Comment by G

Did you shower?


Comment by G

Can I help?

Comment by Walela

I hate snot! Feel better soon? I hope so. I heart CS!

Comment by claire

I am a true disney fan and not a drunk but i could care less if they serve alcohol all through the magic kingdom. The do it in the studios and animal kingdom and guess wh;#2t8&30a.they are still great family fun. I would care if they left it dry or served but this outrage and ridiculous exageration is starting to bother me.

Comment by Welcome

New Post up!

Don’t blame me!

You started it!

Comment by Penguin

Video not available.

(not what I was intending to say, but accurate…)

Comment by magneto bold too

Now it is.

Ooops 🙂

Comment by magneto bold too

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