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Happy brickday! by Snuppy
Wednesday, 30 January 2008, 5:27am
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 Lego is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary this month. *looks feverishly for Winnie Pooh party hat and stumbles over her 1983 stamp collection of Monrovia * Let’s be geeky for a moment, ‘cause well…all of us, at some point, have come in contact with those tiny building blocks.

Just how popular is Lego? They- you know them!- say that about seven Lego sets are sold every second and 2008 is marked to see the construction of the biggest Lego tower ever. Which should be quite a substantial waste of time for a lot of people. The geometrically shaped plastic even has its own theme park.

Few people, however, know that Lego was founded in Denmark. In 1948, a carpenter by the name of Ole Kirk Christiansen patented the idea of plastic toy bricks.
The name is said to come from putting together the first two letters of the words Leg and Godt, which mean “play well”.

And although Iceland had gained its independence from Denmark by then, business was still rather inter-connected and Iceland’s company SIBS received orders to make those plastic cubes for quite a few years. We called them, appropriately, SIBS KUBBAR. This is not important to know, but anything to put us on the map is worth mentioning, I think. *skips lecture about volcanoes, geysers and rotten shark meat*

Lego is sold in more than 130 countries and on average, every person in the world owns 62 Lego bricks…although apparently unevenly distributed. We have two in our home. We use it around Christmas to keep the tree straight. I give my remaining 60 to contribute to … world peace, of course!

Apart from all the jokes I like to cut about these bricks, I love the idea that you can buy a brick today (Buy a brick today!- I think I just came up with a new slogan)and attach it to one from 1950 and it will fit. Plus, anything that keeps your child off your back for a minute or two is worth celebrating. Although, if your kid is 50 and still lives at home in your basement…remember plastic can melt!

~Penguin out!

Now follow this paved road to a compilation of quite a few bricks, also known as humor-blocks.


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Brickday? who knew?? (apparently YOU did!)

i cannot think of a better Lego-animated piece to do than an excerpt from The Holy Grail, which is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE movies. now that you’ve seen this, i guess i won’t bother with tickets to the Actual Broadway Production (which was completely fun/fabulous) for your next visit.

also: are you saying i should toss out my boys’ Lego sets NOW, in hopes of getting them to move out of the house a bit sooner?? 😉

great post, loveliest of Penguins! and on “your” day, no less! woo hoo! *clicks on player again, dances the can-can to the song “Camelot”*

Comment by snuppy

I have two nephews who think Legoland is the happiest place on Earth, no matter how often I tell them that Jonestown is.

Comment by Walela

snuppy, once that happened that I changed my posting date. Once. I guess I’ll never hear teh end of it?! And I delivered today’s post just before I had to head out to an exam *pats self on shoulder* I know you love Python’s “The Holy Grail”, why do you think I chose this clip?

Walela, aww…you and your ways 🙂

Comment by Penguin

The Holy Grail Lego remake has to be one of the best (if not, the best) viral videos of all time.

Comment by Qelqoth

A few months ago my son collected up all his old Legos, put them in a huge box and sold them on eBay for $100. Needless to say he was very happy with his windfall. Plus, some mom in New Jersey just scored an extra 50# of bricks for her kids.

Great choice for the video… I referenced that very same scene today by sheer coincidence. I guess great minds eh? 😉

Comment by Harmonica Man

Legos are big in our family needless to say. I did not know about SIBS KUBBAR from Iceland…I learn so much about my own country from you 🙂
I went to Lego Land in Denmark when Brian was 3 years old…without him and missed him so much…little did I know that I would have a chance to take his son there 30 years later 🙂

Comment by Mo'a... Kitten heels

ok this is weird…last night for some random reason I was looking up lego movies of the Matrix. Today there is this post here.

On a side note if you’ve ever wondered why Chapman’s portrayal of King Arthur in the film seems like he’s wasted is because he was.

Comment by Chris C

Qelqoth, I just thought this video was hilarious and I am glad to see that people agree.

Harmonica man, wow a hindred bucks…for the little dude. Thisa must be THE way to make children get rid of their Lego’s. When they lie around and you go to teh bathroom in teh middle of the night, it brings out words in me, I did not know I had 🙂

Moa, I have been told it is way easier to do things the second time around, that’s why kids love their grandparents 😉

Chris C, I wasn’t wondering…now I am.

Comment by Penguin

Penguin, I was just about to mention that. Forget waterboarding, they should make prisoners walk across a roomful of Legos in their bare feet. They’d talk in a minute. Ouch! Even the little tiny ones hurt.

Comment by Shieldmaiden96

That video was awesome! And almost perfect. They substituted a parrot where a cat should be… I think. Darn, now I need to watch the movie again!

Python and Lego (two of my favourite). Are you sure it’s brickday and not geekday?

Comment by IDiveAtNight

I love Monty Python and Legos are way fun.

Comment by nessa

My Legos never did that.

Comment by QuillDancer

I knew there was something good about having Danish roots 🙂 Very funny Lego facts.

Comment by Terry

Shieldmaiden… Of Rohan? Absolutely…one of my first encounters ever was to tread on one…you learn to give them space 🙂

Morgan, well it’s YOU!

nessa, check and check.

Quilly, did you blow on them right?

Terry, roots are always good…keep you firmly placed in stormy weather of temptations 😉

Comment by Penguin

Penguin, it’s true. I’ve tried to hide it with phrases about being a “former geek” or a “reformed geek” but that’s not true. Once a geek always a geek.

Not to be confused with gadget freeks. That’s different.

Comment by IDiveAtNight

What a fun video. Toyplayer wants to see the whole movie.

Comment by weirsdo

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