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To Whom… by Snuppy
Wednesday, 6 February 2008, 9:55am
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“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” ~ Dr. Seuss

no more To Whom it May and/or May Not Concern,

Due to reasons well beyond our control, Snuppy & Company won’t be in today. Maybe not tomorrow. Possibly never. Now don’t you cry for us, Argentina. Don’t. Instead, wipe your noses, then go HERE and have a good laugh. Trust us, you’ll feel better in no time. And so will we.

Apologies for any inconveniences we may have caused you and/or your funny bone.


Someone Who’s Not Snuppy… but used to be

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*first* For the last?

Comment by I Dive At Night


Thanks for letting me share my goods n’ develop my writing here, Snup.

Look forward to our next big adventure together…stay tuned, everyone!!

Comment by CrummyJoel

What the?

Wow Snuppy, this is quite the sad surprise. You’ve been so kind to let me play in your sandbox – thank you! I hope you invite me back the next time you want to play. I have a really cool Tonka truck with a backhoe on one side and a bulldozer on the other. It totally kicks ass.

Anyway, take care of yourself and your family and don’t be a stranger. And thank you again. I’ll miss your awesome ‘tude man.



Comment by Harmonica Man

Looks around with a dose of confusion and suspicion.

Every thing a’right?

Comment by littlebluepill

Well…now that I read my email. Sighs tragically. This blows.

Comment by littlebluepill

Snuppy, as a longtime lurker, I’m sorry to here this…hope all is well and you can join the snarky blogosphere soon.


Comment by Ironic Catholic

Isn’t there an old saying or song
“let’s not say goodbye, let’s say so long”?

It’s only fitting since you built the Snark into the great gathering spot it became, that you would decide it’s time to close the gates. It’s been a fun ride and you’ve cracked me up every step of the way.

Until we meet over a latte (make ours a triple please) ~ XOXOX from your NBFF

Comment by Lampsha

Thanks for all wonderful times. I hope all is well with you.

Comment by Brian

What a long strange trip it’s been. Be well, (not)Snuppy.

Comment by Diesel

nobody is going to really go, we’ll find each other if we really look. I hope you come back one day when life is less roller-coasty and bring back that awesome funny bone you have.
I loves you, veyr much indeed.
I am gonna miss this…but I’d rather have one more good memory of something wonderful than a burned out obligation.
To all future processes on this side, my bets wishes and good luck.

Comment by Penguin



Comment by Walela

In praise of my dear and oh soooooo talented (not) Snuppy who, over the run of Central Snark, once again, proved she can do whatever she sets her mind to…can’t wait to see what’s next! Thanks for the many laughs and brightened days at the Snark!

Comment by BoBo

Good heavens! I keep on discovering my favourite web-logs are grinding to a halt. I’m beginning to think I may need to change my aftershave, or something.

I hope all is well, and I wish you the very best, each and every one of the Snark.

Comment by Lord Likely

Morgan: you are the “last” first, indeed, sir!

Crummy(not)Joel: you are a good friend, and a terrific (not to mention hilarious) writer. trust me, the pleasure has been all ours. and, a’yup, the next great and/or hilarious thing is most definitely on the horizon! 😉

Jeff: you’ve been a real asset, sir! and i thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming down off that cloud to “play” with us. every post you did for us was beyond awesome, and ALWAYS made me smile. thank you so much for joining the “team” — you made a difference, you really did!

LBP: like a 2-bit whore on a 4-bit date? (sorry, that’s my joke du jour, and “this blows” SO required that response). THANK YOU for being such a fabulous contributor — i swear i’ll be better about visiting your blog. honestly, my inability to visit folks is one of the reasons i knew i had too much on my plate. i’m all about the streamlining, girlfriend. oooh, and as a bonus, maybe i’ll even lose weight! (in my head, having less on my plate/streamlining = weight loss, which was, needless to say, funny.) 🙄

IC: you are so kind! i’ve noticed your URL in the stats, and seen the occasional comments. so nice to “see” you here, and thank you for those lovely words.

NBFF: triple grande. aw…. this wouldn’t have been fun at ALL had YOU not been a part of it. as for “so long”? i like that, but i’d prefer to think of this as “hasta la vista”, because i certainly intend to see everyone again, and soon! XOXOX to you, too! (loveyamissyameanit) 😉

Brian: you’ve been here since day one. and for that i thank you from the bottom of my heart. hope all continues to be well with you and yours, too!

Diesel: long/strange trip? that’s what she said. thank you, Asparagus Boy, for helping me have so darn much fun. can’t wait to see what you try to pass off for humor, in the days and weeks to come.

Penguin: are you NOT coming back to Connecticut sometime in the near future?? as my adopted daughter, i believe you are. otherwise, there’ll be hell to pay (and no one wants that)

Walela: this is all your fault. i mean, had it not been for that stupid Blogger break down, which kept us from getting to comment on your blog, the Snark would never have come into being. i hope you’re happy.

BoBo: my biggest fan! i’m doing this for you, honey. i mean, how many nights can you stand to eat Panera Bread Co. soups? i need to cook once in a while, don’t i? 🙄

Lord Likely: i’m sorry i never got to thank you on this site for the Golden Cock you awarded us a few months ago. needless to say it was an honor, and it’s been charming to know you (it really has). you’ve been a great supporter, and i have so enjoyed seeing you here and/or reading your comments. thank you!

Comment by snuppy

What? I’ll miss hanging out here!

Comment by weirsdo


Comment by Walela

Ok, it’s time to send you the questions for the ‘Bloggers Speak’ interview. Who’s getting them and where do I send them to?

My email is chrisc447 at yahoo dot com.

Comment by Chris C

Man, do I remember that Blogger breakdown! Take care of yourself, please, and protozoa everywhere will be on the lookout for your next venture.

Comment by oceallaigh

Of course I will come back to Connecticut. hell I am planning on studying there eventually, if all goes well and I don’t bang my head too often 🙂
My post up there refers to the snarking experience alone…it had nothign to do with our relationship outside of this here homey location 🙂

Comment by Penguin

What? This is one of the first places I stumbled upon in my blogging adventure, and it’s where I’ve found the best blogging buds I have. And now it’s over? I’ll really miss hanging out here, and I hope we’ll meet again in another place and time.

Comment by Theresa

I don’t wanna be the last first! I’m confused and scared now. Where will I get my fill of snarkiness?

Comment by IDiveAtNight

And here I thought it was the Amoeba-LBP-Sweet Babboo triangle that led to the Snark. Huh. Go figure.

I am so sad the park is closed. Sigh. Good times were here. Good times and naughty boys. What more can a girl ask for?

And what…we got a golden cock and no one told me? Harrumph.

Comment by littlebluepill

Thanks for the great times, Snuppy. You will be missed.

Comment by the frogster

I’ve had a lot of fun here. Will miss you all very much. Especially you Snuppy.

Comment by Terry

Pft. Yeah. Every time I move into a neighborhood everyone else leaves. Why is that?

Good luck and best wishes on whatever comes next. Don’t be a stranger!

Comment by QuillDancer

It’s been ‘real’ – FUN, that is!
I’ll miss the Snark.

Comment by claire

I am very confused. I thought this was just a ‘can’t post today’ post. I wasn’t trying to be funny with the interview request.

So is Central Snark done? Say it isn’t so!

Comment by Chris C

(Fade in to a darkened room. A sliver of light streaming in from a distant doorway dimly paints the empty floor)

Calls out from afar “HELLO?”

(Hello? hello? echoes back)

(Echos of a few approaching footsteps)


(Echoes of Some shuffling)

Calls out from nearby “Doctor Snark?” (-Ark? -ark?)

Mutters quietly “Where’d all the furniture go?”
(-Go? -go?)

(Long silence)

(More footstep echoes, walking away)

(As the sliver of light narrows and disappears, echo of a distant door closing)

(Short silence)

(Echo of a another distant door slowly opening, another sliver of light slowly illuminates the empty room)

(Medium fade to white, then slow fade to black)

(Etta James sings “I’ll be seeing you”)

(Roll credits)

Comment by Al

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