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Monday, 9 June 2008, 2:22pm
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aunt bea dodges trouble…the hell are you looking here for? Just because we did a “guest post” for someone we used to know named DIESEL doesn’t mean we’ve started blogging again. We haven’t. Nor do we plan to any time soon.

Still, we DID have a good time reminiscing about what ever it was we were trying to remember. Surely that’s gotta be good for something, Shirley.

~’s not snuppy

A smart person would have linked this non-post to HUMOR-BLOGS.COM.

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yowza… tough crowd here… worse crowd over at Diane née Dina née Dana née Dodo née Dorothy née ol’ whatsisname’s place.

good thing i’m not blogging any longer, otherwise my feelings might be hurt. 😉

Comment by s'not snuppy

Why did we stop blogging?

Comment by Cathouse Teri

Now who snuck this in?! Especially when I don’t have a computer at work to check in! I come over here and water the plants at least once a week!

I, for one, loved your post at Diesel’s and you know people would just be clammering over here if you started posting again. Boy do I miss you, NBFF!


Comment by G

I went there and tried to leave this Importent comment!!!!!:
That story does not suprise me one bit!! Accept for the wart part (EWW!!) it is much like my own experiance with Snupy where I was atacked in my bath by a giant CAT!!!!!!

Comment by Daisy!

Shit. I miss you.

Comment by tlp

We miss you. Happy holidays.

Comment by weirsdo

I haven’t been here forever but that is the best header you have ever had. I love it and I’m so the expert.

Comment by rjlight

Rumor has it that the forum administrator over at a certain For Argument’s Sake is considering opening an “iSnark” forum specifically for Central Snark readers… should this place ever become active once again. 😉

Comment by RumorMan

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