Central Snark


Central Snark was created so that blog friends who were unable to access their favorite Blogger-hosted blogging buddies could have a place to piss, moan and otherwise complain. We also thought it would be fun to further explore topics we found on other sites/share sites we’ve discovered and/or simply chat for the sake of chatting. What the hell, it seemed like a good idea at the time, and, for that matter, it still does!

Right after we opened Central Snark, one of the Snark Park regulars asked “What does it mean to Snark”, to which we replied, in our best professorial voice:

According to Wikipedia:

“Snark” refers to a belittling style of speech or writing. It could loosely be described as irritable or “snidely derisive”; hence, ‘snarkish’, ‘snarky’, ‘to snark at somebody’. (The Urban Dictionary refers to it as a contraction of “snide remark”.)

In other words (ours), to “snark” is to snipe (make malicious, underhand remarks or attacks), only kinder. It’s to yip (sharp, high-pitched bark; a yelp), only softer. It’s to quip (petty distinction or objection; a quibble), with more edge. And, by all means, to “snark” is to drip (ooze or be saturated with or as if with liquid) with well-chosen words of sarcasm. And yes, a “snark” is most definitely a snip (person regarded as impertinent or mischievous)…

So. Is everyone clear? Alrighty then! Since one of us just had the immense frustration of having — what we believed to be — an extremely clever and/or hilarious comment virtually devoured by that whore Blogger before it could ever see the light of the internet day, by all means… let the Snarking Begin!

* * * * * *


The Snark is a co-operative effort — posts are written by a variety of people, including, but not limited to:

Snuppy (and/or “Crazy Aunt Bea”) ~ Neva of Puppytoes

Lampsha ~ Gina of Simply Said

Teh Penguin ~ Monika of The Ice Queen!

Catty Yummy Mummy ~ Miz BoheMia of Miz BoheMia’s Rhapsody

Little Blue Pill ~ Jenna of Jenna Howard’s Afterthoughts

Crummy Joel ~ Joel of Crummy Church Signs

and last but certainly not least…

DIESEL ~ Diesel of Mattress Police and Humor-Blogs.com


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