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Saturday, 22 December 2007, 9:14am
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It’s not that I’m lazy and the thought of a post just writing itself isn’t ever so appealing.  Not at all.   It’s just that some traditions are worth preserving – sort of like Fruitcake, right Frogster?  So it is with this in mind that I reprise an old Christmas Chestnut played here last December in the following post.  

Fade in… 

Here’s my Christmas Carol offering, bringing Joyem to the Goyem if you will (Billy, you’ll forgive my swiping that one). This is a fine Christmas song and I’m sure the lyrics “You drunkard, you maggot, you cheap lousy faggot” have nothing to do with my partiality. Makes you want to curl up in front of the Yule Log — that or pogo ’round the Christmas tree, or throw the yule log through a window.

Either way, tighten your seatbelts for as fine a Christmas song as I can recall from the band THE POGUES and the late Kirsty MacColl — in Fairytale of New York,  deemed THE BEST CHRISTMAS SONG EVER in a VH1 UK poll. I think I may just have to agree. But you know, call someone an “old slut on junk” over the sweet sounds of a penny whistle and I tend to wax poetic.

Warning: listening to this song may bring a subliminal desire to hoist pints at the pub.  We do not endorse or want that to be the outcome of this (unless you’d like to), but damn if they don’t make you recall a time when it wouldn’t be so far fetched. Is that so wrong?  At the very least, you may just tap a toe.

Listen up mates and enjoy. And, should the spirit move ye in true Irish tradition, feel free to join in on the singing at the pub:

~DJ O’Lampsha

fade out…

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend.  I hope it is not spent shopping for last minute gifts unless of course, you choose to spend your free time being crammed in with less than perfect strangers fighting over cashmere sweaters.  But truly have yourselves a Merry Christmas and may peace and good health be yours in the New Year. 

PS:  Peace, good health and drunkards (not necessarily in that order) can all be found at Humor-blogs.com!

Saturday, 15 December 2007, 9:41am
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It’s late (and when it’s not late, it’s early and I’m late) – so let’s see if I can get this chronology of music leading up to the featured artist correct. He started out with a band named Trip Shakespeare which had a bit of a cult following in the early 90’s (the MySpace link is fan run). How can you not love a band with an album titled, Are You Shakespearienced? Moving on, after Trip Shakespeare fell, two of the members Dan Wilson and John Munson formed Semisonic, joined by drummer, Jacob Slichter.

Today we’re featuring Dan Wilson solo, who is just a melodic beautiful (and Harvard educated) songwriter who was the lead singer/songwriter in the above mentioned groups (actually Semisonic is a semi-active group). Dan just released his first solo album, Free Life in October 2007. He avoids the inevitable “when he was with…” comparisons by me as I am not as familiar with his music with the other groups. What I do know is that every time I hear a song of his on the radio, I turn up the radio and sing along. You can do the same at his MySpace.

So maybe you’ve never heard of Dan (or maybe you have), you can listen to an interview with some live tunes here on Acoustic Cafe (worth a listen). He penned about six songs for the Dixie Chicks’ “return” album including the Grammy winner, Not Ready To Make Nice.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this tapestry of a Spin today. Wha? No video? Bah, of course – it’s Dan with Semisonic in their 1999 Grammy nominated Song of the Year, Closing Time:

Have a great weekend~


Psst: There’s no closing time over at Humor-blogs.com. Tell ’em Central Snark, that’s C-E-N-T-R-A-L S-N-A-R-K, sent ya.

Saturday, 8 December 2007, 9:26am
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Guster album coverSo I hope that you got a kick out of the LeeVees earlier in the week. As you can imagine, doing solely Channukkah songs might limit a group. Actually the LeeVees were formed by Adam Gardner of Guster and Dave Schneider of the Zambonis. Something about these guys just spells F-U-N-N (oops)!

I had Guster thrown into the mixed bag of future Saturday Spins so what better time to trot them out and spotlight them? Plus it’s still Chanukah and if you wanted to do something ironicah, you could get somebody the Guster cd instead of the LeeVees. Or you could get both. Or not. Plus, plenty of time until Christmas, so add it to your list.

The boys met at Tufts University in 1991 and Guster (or Gus as they were then known) were off to a good start. As befits a college band, they put on a fun good time show and gained a cult following. I can see that. Here’s a video for the song Amsterdam from their fourth album, Keep It Together.

I had a hard time choosing which video to pop in today — a few catchy numbers. A few catchy numbers can also be heard at their MySpace or at Humor-blogs.com (heh).

Have a great weekend! What are you all up to this weekend anyway? If you’re in the neighborhood, drop by.


Psssst: If those little weasels had actually lit any candles, tonight they’d be lighting #5 at Humor-blogs.com. Instead they just took the gelt and ran – not a candle lit. Santa’s watching.

Saturday, 1 December 2007, 9:07am
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snowshoe hareRABBIT RABBIT! Good luck in December.

Well, jumping back in the day of my daughter’s birthday when I was running around yesterday, decorating into the wee hours and having to leave the house in seven minutes for music school with the kids probably was poor planning on my part. I mean, it would have been fine had I pre-planned a post. Damn that hindsight and lack of planning!

So today won’t be my best spin, but you’ll probably know the band and you may also have their cd, Sky Blue Sky, as one of your faves of 2007. It’s on my list. So below is the video click on the What Light link that follows to hear the song, What Light (as Snuppy mentioned, Wilco apparently doesn’t want their video on just any blog).  This goes out for Tali. Happy Birthday to the most amazing ten year old I know (coming from a most unbiased source).

What’s that? Oh, riiight – I knew I was forgetting something. Here’s their MySpace and Wilco’s website. Who’s on your favorite of 2007? Let me know.

Have a great weekend!


PS: Head on over to Humor-blogs, where there are many well thought out, or at least funny blogs for you to read!

*note to the lovely DJ Lampsha: well, I did my best to find a picture of a cute wintry December-esque bunny — hope the one I added to your wonderful post meets with your — and/or more importantly — the Birthday Girl’s approval. Also, the video has been “disabled” — meaning folks now have to click on the link in order to hear the song. Do’h! Apparently Wilco doesn’t want their video gracing just anyone’s blog, not even ours. Go figure. Maybe they’re just trying to steer clear of being connected in any way to us and/or our goofy friends. Those musicians... (snuppy)

Alice’s Restaurant by Snuppy
Thursday, 22 November 2007, 2:04pm
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scene from alice's restaurantWHAT’S THIS? You guessed it — this, dear friends, is a Thanksgiving Bonus Post featuring a little something our NBFF tossed into the Snark last year. Okay, fine, it’s another re-run, but so what? We thought it was great nostalgic fun then, and it’s every bit as grand this time around. Thanks again for the Thanksgiving trip down memory lane, LAMPSHA. Here’s hoping your own Thanksgiving is filled with many happy memories and plenty of good food. ~snuppy

***             ***            ***             ***             ***

You know growing up in the New York City area all of my life (albeit in the armpit of New Jersey for the formative years), there is a Thanksgiving Tradition near and dear to us in the NYC radio market. So it just dawned on me at 5:08 am, that this is something worth sharing with my dear friends here. Perhaps a few who stop through may even have shared this tradition.

Every Thanksgiving as far back as I paid attention to these things, the radio station that was the classic of all classics in The Day, WNEW 102.7, played ARLO GUTHRIE’S, Alice’s Restaurant at 12 noon. And every Thanksgiving, wherever we were driving or sitting, we turned on the radio and listened. Idn’t that quaint? Anyway, the intervening years have not been kind to commercial radio and I have emmigrated to non-commercial turf where lo and behold, my station plays Alice’s Restaurant every Thanksgiving.

I suppose my appreciation for Arlo started long before I listened to him as I am (did I tell you this one already) the 7th of 10 children. I was thus influenced by my elders of the tribe, who protested Vietnam and listened to Arlo Guthrie (well that’s not all they did or listened to, but for the purpose of this discussion at 5:00 am…). So I proudly pass this tradition on to my youngfolk tribes people and share it here with you today. You may either scratch your head or laugh and sing along, but I hope you will at least listen a bit before you decide to go baste the bird for the umpteenth time.

By all means, please continue to watch the video below so that you know how to properly behave at your family’s table today. Or at least understand why people drank socially (heavily) and took a lot of pills quietly during the 50’s.


~DJ Lampsha

You can get all the laughs you want, on Humor-blogs.com.

Spinning Up the Backstairs by Snuppy
Saturday, 17 November 2007, 8:57am
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girls and their musicAS you may have surmised, our post title is little more than a stupid uninspired cleverish play on the name of the song we’ve decided to feature for today’s spin. That’s right, your eyes don’t deceive, we said WE. Once again we’re doing our best to fill in for the delightful (and WAY more clever) Saturday Spinstress, DJ LAMPSHA, in hopes another weekend away from blogging will make Life just a wee bit easier on our dear friend.

THE band we’re featuring is called THE FRATELLIS. 3 unrelated guys from Glasgow, who met through a “mutual love of strange fruit“, changed their last names to Fratelli (why? we dunno), pooled their musical talents to create (in their words) the “happilyest of sounds“, and hit the music scene just a couple of years ago — releasing their one and only CD in 2006. Relatively unknown, they still managed to garner the coveted “Best British Breakthrough Act” in 2007. Impressive, no?

SURELY some of you have heard of this band, Shirley. Naturally, we had not, but that’s beside the point. The point, which is being uploaded onto our iPod, even as we type, is that, thanks to BOBO* — who’s always got his ey… er, ear out for groovy new groups — not only did we finally hear about The Fratellis, we listened to a few of their tunes, and became instant(ish) fans. These guys are flat out kick-ass awesome. The end, tappity tap, no erasies.

MAYBE you kids’ll like The Fratellis, maybe you won’t. And maybe — just maybe — you’ll find yourself tappity tap tapping your toes the way we did once you listen, because their inventive music is hella fun.

BY the way, “Creeping Up the Backstairs” (the song you just heard) was the first single released off the Fratellis’ Debut “album”, Costello Music. Care to hear more? Check out THE FRATELLIS WEBSITE you won’t be disappointed. (watch the video for “Whistle for the Choir”, a more laid-back song that’s reminiscent of early Beatles) Or maybe you will be disappointed, but since we plan to be out ‘n about for most of the day, we won’t be around to hear your whining. That said, if you DO like what you hear and/or see, you can also listen to more songs (“Chelsea Dagger” and “Flathead” are both fun) — where else? That’s right, on their MYSPACE PAGE. (whatever did musicians do before The MySpace?)

*Believe it or not, BoBo has a new post up. That’s right, a new… post. Not only that, it’s music-related, and flat out funny. Especially worth noting, we believe, because he did his last post in September. That’s right… September.

~DJ Fauxer (remember, “fauxer” is like “poser” only hella more fake)

Erase your blues by tappity tap tapping into Humor-blogs.com.

Spinning Away… by Snuppy
Saturday, 10 November 2007, 10:06am
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music girlsIN no way are we worthy to take on a Saturday Spin, but take it on, we must. If it helps, just consider us today’s DJ Lame-o Faux Fill-In (rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?) for that’s what we are. “Fauxers”* to the bitter end. Still, we truly want to comfort our dearest of dear Lampshas in some small way, and we’re in high hopes we can provide a few soothing melodies that will ultimately be just what the doctor ordered, even if it brings only the briefest of smiles to her lovely tear-stained face for a moment or two.

SOME of you might be too young to remember, but the first artist Lampsha featured in her World Wide Web Famous Saturday Spin (which was born a little over a year ago) was the remarkably whimsical REGINA SPEKTOR, and we can think of no better artist and/or song to feature in this coveted spot for this particular spin.

THE following clip is of the artist in concert, with a live performance we thought was stunningly beautiful. We hope you enjoy her poignant vocal stylings as much as we do. That said, a much more “polished” version of the song — that’s most certainly mesmerizing in its own right — can be viewed on Regina Spektor’s website. (once you “enter”, click on “videos”, and voilá! it’ll be the first one you see)

HERE’S hoping Life for Lampsha, as well as everyone in her family, is soon filled with peace and joy, and becomes infinitely… better. xox


PS: Were we really making an effort to fill Lampsha’s Spinning Shoes, we might have brought your attention to something “old” that’s “new” again — by featuring the unique and amazing collaboration between music legends Robert Plant & Alison Krauss. We hope you understand why we elected not to do that. That said, the music created by these two is unbelievable, and well worth checking out. Just saying…

*Fauxer (foh-ser): n, made up word, meaning someone guilty of fakery (another made up word)

Many folks feel better after reading Humor-blogs.com.