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If you want to start a new discussion, just post a comment here, written exactly the way you’d like the Title and Description to appear, and one of us will post it! Probably. Most likely. Okay, we’ll think about posting it. Or, at least we’ll think about thinking about posting it. What can we say? We have excellent intentions, but sometimes we get distracted by shiney things, and then it’s every Snark for his/herself. Think about that for a minute… then make a suggestion. After all, we’re here for you. At least that’s what we want you to think.


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I’m just checking to see how this works out. I would like to suggest a topic for Sunday but smarty pants already did it!!! ♥

Comment by Casper

i think this page was a BRILLIANT idea! (i just did a small post because, after reading the last few comments, i got hungry!) new topics? works for me! xox

Comment by snuppytoes

How about a getting to know each other type post?
Maybe everyone could relate a story from their past? Surely everyone has a funny, touching, or otherwise memorable moment from their past (yeah yeah, I know, don’t call you Shirley), can we hear about them?

Comment by Logo™ and Ariella

well I went to school with twins named Shirley and Shiela. They were too cute (in the 3rd grade). Surely I have a better story than that? Just ask me.

Comment by schnoodlepooh

I have noticed that quite a few people on this blog speak different languages. Please tell us what languages you speak, have spoken, or are learning to speak.

Me? I speak ‘dog’ and I speak ‘kid’.

Comment by Casper

Ok, leave it to me to think this one up but hey, someone’s gotta talk about it right? And seeing the kinda banners and art that speak to me, well, you really cannot claim to be surprised. Let’s talk about the body, specifically, nudity.

Being part Danish and raised in Europe during my formative years, one year actually spent home in Denmark, nudity has never been a big deal to me. Walk on any beach here in Spain and see an array of naked breasts baking in the sun. Unfortunately for you men, they are mostly hung on geriatric, pink vacationing Brits but hey… I am not one to dwell on things so moving on… Denmark offered me a broader view of things and full nudity on beaches can be had, my first such encounter being puzzling to my 5-year-old self who did not understand why the frizzy, blonde lady was ok being naked but still would not remove her glasses. It just did not seem right but yes, all these years later I remember her glasses and no, no titty trauma for me!

So it was no wonder when in the fifth grade I had no problems with showering with the other girls (whereas my brother would not tolerate being seen naked) and just hanging naked. In Europe it is quite normal for us girls to go have a bathroom break together and if there is only one bathroom, well in we go! A German girlfriend once stayed with me for a month, back in my single days, and whilst getting ready being naked and getting ready in front of each other was absolutely normal. And hey, if ever a problem crops up and you just gotta have a friend’s opinion it is so much easier to just “show” rather than “tell”! Yeah, nudity is just simply the way to go!

It follows then that I have a hard time understanding why I should be self-conscious, shy, ashamed or what not in front of my fellow ladies. Even back when my body was a “thing to be loathed” by my insecure and teenaged self, nudity was still not an issue. And maybe there are fellow Europeans reading this who cannot relate so chime in, but ladies on the other side of the pond, how do you feel about nudity? Men? What’s this like on your end of things?

Disclaimer: Any potential pervs lurking around, do not chime in if you are to take this discussion down inappropriate paths ’cause we are not interested in your freaky ‘n spooky ways! Be gone I say, BE GONE!

Comment by Miz BoheMia

I think we should snark about:

*Why men can’t seem to find anything. They couldn’t find their butts with both hands.

*What our favorite season is

*Do we choose sex or sleep

*How do we really feel about The View

*Is George Bush really stupid, or just a master of deciet.

*Our dirty rotten little secret. We all got em.

*What are we insecure about.

*Why are nude beaches such a big deal in the US?

*Share your favorite recipe and the story behind it.

Okay that’s a start:)

Comment by My Spin On Things

Ooooh Ooooh (I am channeling Horseshack from Welcome Back Kotter) Here’s a topic:

“Who’s responsible for making sure your child knows about birth control, STI’s, sex etc..”

Is it Mom and Dad’s responsibility, or is it the school’s responsiblity.

Having a HUGE debate at work right now about this.

Comment by Spin Me Baby

[…] *this is what the SUGGESTION page is for, kids… […]

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Do you actually check this page for suggestions, Snuppy?

Comment by Diesel

Diesel: apparently not often enough. d’oh! guessing i should get rid of a couple of those spammers, eh? 🙂

Comment by snuppy

people who bring their 8 year old to a PG13 movie then sit and explain what’s going on the whole feature. It’s rated PG13 for a reason: you kid doesn’t understand the plot. Leave so I can enjoy the show I paid 1/2 a month salary to watch!

whew. that felt good to get off my chest.

Comment by Charlottalove

Are all UPS delivery men hot? Is there hard proof of this, or is it soft science? Collalary: Why do women love a man in uniform? (Even if it’s shit brown.) Why don’t sports uniforms count?

Comment by tlp

TLP: i’m on this one, girlfriend, and shall do a post on just this topic in the VERY near future! 🙂

Comment by snuppy

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