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The Blog’s Field Trip by Snuppy
Friday, 3 November 2006, 9:23am
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THIS BLOG will be out of town today. Well, at least part of it will. The part that doesn’t live in other countries like ICELAND and/or SPAIN, because, well, those parts aren’t here and, therefore, can’t participate in the excursion the OTHER PARTS of the Blog are on, even as you read.

AND WHERE-O-WHERE might the Blogparts not located in Iceland and/or Spain be taking an excursion to, you ask? Why, to a restaurant in an undisclosed (to you) location in Connecticut, we say. But why, you ask again? Well, we again reply, even as we shake our heads at your brazen tone, in order to rendezvous with a certain stylish STILETTO. That’s right, today’s the day Lampsha and Snuppy meet the Brawlin’ Belle in person! Could we BE any more excited? We doubt it.

NOT only are we excited, we also have a few things to do before we head out (wrapping up the cookies we baked comes to mind), which is why we aren’t going to spend any more time on this braggy little post. Besides, we’re tired of writing words words and MORE words, so, if you don’t mind, we’ll just write a few more and then we think we’ll stop

NOW, in a fairly pathetic attempt to let you all share a bit of our fun vicariously — but, more importantly, for our own amusement — we decided to leave you with one more sketch featuring our favorite funny girls, FRENCH & SAUNDERS. As you watch, try to imagine that it’s us, only older, without British accents, and/or wearing much more attractive shoes.*

UH… any particular reason you’re still here? What about “we’re tired of spending time on this post” did you not understand? Trust us, you’ll find no more words here, kids, funny and/or otherwise. No siree bob. As far as we’re concerned, we’re already sitting in a nice restaurant somewhere in northern Connecticut, eating chips ‘n salsa, and laughing our asses off, even as we drink in the glory that is Sar.

*AND let it be known that there will be no drinking or smoking by us on our trip, zip, zero, nada. On the other hand, pictures of “glaciers” and rude signs held up to the window at truckers? Well, girls on a field trip have to pass the time somehow.

~ Snuppy & Lampsha 

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Paper? Check.
Markers? Check.
Tonic Water? Check.

Snuppy, we’re going on a road trip. To all you other Snarksters, have a great Friday. I’m sure we wont’ have any fun at all without you.

Comment by Lampsha

long-sleeved sweater in which to stuff souvenirs for our boyfriends husbands? check.

can’t wait! (tho’ we won’t be drinking, should we have mentioned anything about that Starbucks run? nah.) xoxo

Comment by One Hot Puppy

oh, and i probably should have mentioned that, since BOBO has a doc’s appointment today, he’s staying home, and will, therefore, be keeping tabs on the Snark while we run amuck in northern CT. (gotta have someone at the helm, if for no other reason than to chase off vandals!) xox

Comment by snuppy

Well, I do hope the two of you have a marvelous time at lunch – have a decedant piece of dessert for me! Well, That means BoBo’s in charge! That could be trouble! LOL Kidding! I’ll stop back by later today for any update! Hsvfun! Remeber, they don’t take credit cards at the police station, so behave yourselves! LOL D 🙂

Comment by FelineFrisky

…I have my eyes on all of you

Comment by BoBo

That will be great fun. Careful, though. Sar will steal your french fries.

Comment by Walela

It sounds like a great adventure. Have fun.

Comment by schnoodlepooh

Field trips are so much fun!!! 🙂 (How did they get that name? Its not like your actually making a trip out to the field.) However in CT, they have “barns” with precious artwork in them too – so anything is possible! I hope you all have a fantastic time!

Comment by cj

You girls behave yourself.

– Miss NoBusoms StinkyBreath

Comment by Diesel

The dynamic duo (Snuppy & Lampsha) finally made it on their way, only an hour late…sure Sar will understand…although Snuppy forgot to take the directions or Sar’s cell phone number with her so this could be very interesting indeed!

Comment by BoBo

🙂 who needs directions or cell phone numbers? It makes the adventure less of… an adventure. 🙂

Comment by cj

Somehow, Joel, I think they will all find each other. They just have to be in the right county.

Comment by Walela

happy to report Snups and Lampie found the rendevous point.

Comment by BoBo

Oooooooo, a road trip?! I’m exceedingly jealous! Have a wonderful time and enjoy yourselves tremendously. (I’m sure you will!) xoxoxo ~ Ang

Comment by Angela

You guys are still eating lunch aren’t you?

Comment by Walela

Good clip. I hadn’t seen Dawn French as anything besides the Vicar of Dibley before. Hope a good time was had by all.
The same cannot be said for the cast and crew of NG4J. Their plight cannot be too widely known or deeply pitied.

Comment by weirsdo

back from lunch — and a fabulous, fun-filled one, at that! unfortunately, that black bean burger with the grilled onions & guacamole that Lampsha & I split has taken it’s toll on my fragile little brain. that and the fact that to meet the one and only Stiletto in all her pointy-toed glory (we have pictures to prove it) was almost more than one Snuppy can take! my mind is blown, as is my breath, which suffered greatly from the aforementioned grilled onions.

in case you couldn’t tell, we had the BEST TIME! ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. i only wish the same could be said for Pansi, et al. i weep for their plight, even as i scratch my head in an effort to conjure up some feasible and/or profitable solution to their current situation. once the afore-aforementioned meal has been properly digested, perhaps a good idea will occur to me. for now, however, i’m at an utter and complete loss. altho’… come to think of it, i hear Starbuck’s is hiring. AND they offer benefits! coffee is allegedly an alcoholic’s best friend, so something like that could be a match made in Heaven! xoxo

Comment by snuppy

OH DIOS MIO what things a bohemian misses from a day spent packing (YES! I am finally getting my ass back in gear!)… I am soooooo excited you guys all met up and MAN how I wish I could have been there but hey, maybe someday soon!

Pictures? You know you are begging for us to demand to see them now don’t you? DEMAND I SAY!

I have missed you my sweet Snuppy de mi corazón and hope to hear your beautiful voice soon! But, ahem, ahem… about that email? 😉 Ha, ha, haaaa! I just HAD to mention it you know!

And Bobo, hats off to some beautiful tab keeping! Funkified FO SHO!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

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