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Friday Fun by Snuppy
Friday, 30 June 2006, 8:04am
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WE here at the Snark Park always enjoy the opportunity to laugh so hard we wet our pants/shoot milk out of our noses/split our collective guts. So when Bobo told us (one of us, the one of us who sleeps with him) about Ze Frank’s newest project, we leapt to the computer, clicked on the link, and laughed until we wept (that’s right, we leapt and wept). Apparently Ze is doing a daily “newscast” that’s got the New York Times calling him “the funniest man doing a daily 2 minute(ish) newscast on the internet”. In the spirit of full disclosure, you should know that we just made up that quote, because we were too lazy to look up the article the Times just did on this guy, but that’s beside the point. The point, for we have one, is that these presentations are very funny. Especially since readers are allowed to edit his scripts. Which means, basically, that anything they write, he (Ze) reads. An-y-thing. So, here’s the link, hope ya enjoy. If not, don’t blame us, blame the New York Times. After all, they’re the ones who called him the “funniest man doing a daily 2 minute(ish) newscast on the internet.” Sort of.

Ze Frank’s SHOW *this is now updated to link to today’s show, 6/30/06

NOW, for those of you with short attention spans (and you know who I am), you might prefer watching Ze Franks Sing-A-Long, which is, in our humble opinion, hilarious. And you can quote us on that.

Happy Friday, Snarklettes!

~ Snuppy

Oh Gina! by Snuppy
Thursday, 29 June 2006, 8:46am
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Good Mornin’ Snarkletoes… we have a small, but significant announcement to make on this, the next to the last day of June. Not that this being the next to the last day of June is relevant to anything, mind you, but there it is. Anyway, in hopes of Broadening the spirit and/or intention of Central Snark, we have decided to offer up our spare blog keys to the inimitable Lady of the Lampshade (aka Gina), knowing her to be a fully responsible(ish) and always entertaining individual with impeccable taste (trust us, she’s delicious)!

In addition, in an effort to expand the hormonal horizon just a tad, we are also tossing Bobo (aka Joel) a set of keys, as well. Not that he’s gonna do anything with ’em, mind you, in fact, he’ll probably lose them on any given day (it’s part of that male refrigerator blindness syndrome that afflicts so many men). Still, from time to time we hope he’ll bring some tasty tid-bit to the park for us all to nosh upon. This will also help ensure continued marital bliss for one of us, the one who happens to be married and/or madly in love with Bobo (aka Joel)!

That’s it. Tawk amongst yourselves… some of us have a nail appointment because we have to go to a wedding this weekend, much to the chagrin of the aforementioned beloved Bobo (aka Joel) Oh, and don’t forget to voice your opinion (if you have one) regarding the masthead! I, for one, am very grateful to the lovely and talented Kyahgirl (aka Laura) for all her hard work… in fact, yesterday it was a lot of fun to check-in throughout the day to see the various banners enjoy their 15 minutes of Snark Park Fame! Alrighty then, Carry On!

~ Snuppy

Animator vs Animation by Snuppy
Wednesday, 28 June 2006, 5:21pm
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Don’t mind me… Since it’s a mess around here, what with the new mastheads being tested out and all, I thought I’d toss up somethin’ fun to watch, in hopes of keeping you kids busy. Can’t have anyone stepping in paste and/or tearing pictures now, can we? No. We cannot.

Alrighty then, click HERE, and when the window opens, click the box that says “play”. Trust me, this is very cool. And fun! And only violent if you have a problem with animated stick figures trying to blow stuff up! Mostly, it’s just cool.

And, please, don’t stop weighing in on the masthead… just because pictures are a’changin’ around here faster than ya can say “Wow. The pictures sure are a’changin’ fast around here!” doesn’t mean you can’t take a moment to offer up an opinion and/or suggestion!

~ snuppy

some comments get lost…. by Snuppy
Wednesday, 28 June 2006, 1:29pm
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Hi all, I put the red bud masthead up in honour of the growing season that is getting going here ( I know, you all are WAY ahead of me). I’ll leave it for a while now, then try another lamp one for you later.

I wanted to mention again that some usernames keep getting caught by the spam catcher on this blog.  Cowgirl, Village Idiot and Ariella/Logo have been the most often caught.

Just reminding you that this can happen so you don’t get upset when your comments are missing. This is supposed to be a ‘learning’ program (Akismet) and when you tell it something is not spam, it shouldn’t catch it again….however, I have concluded that it is developmentally delayed 🙂

Pictures to consider for the masthead by Snuppy
Wednesday, 28 June 2006, 12:17am
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Here are some candidates for the picture at the top of blog. I already tried them all out and the last 4 or 5 look best. The top few are too busy (except for the one that’s mostly sky)

Please note, now that we’ve got it figured out how to do this, anyone can give us a picture anytime to try on top. Its just got to be big enough that it can be resized and/or cropped to 730×140 pixels without distorting.

Lotsa trees:

1) dppark3.jpgdppark3.jpg
2) dpriver1.jpg dpriver1.jpg
3) dphill5sky.jpg dphill5sky.jpg
4) cptrees1.jpg cptrees1.jpg
5) cptreelamp.jpg cptreelamp.jpg
6) cparkverygreen.jpg cparkverygreen.jpg
7) cparktrees1.jpg cparktrees1.jpg

8) kdpark.jpgkdpark.jpg
9) mastheadparkwater.jpg mastheadparkwater.jpg
10) cparkredbuds.jpg cparkredbuds.jpg
11) hndogpark.jpg hndogpark.jpg
12) hndogpanorama.jpg


13) intvertedlamp_1.jpg


14) dppark3mirror.jpg


Casper’s Post: Speak to me! *woof* by Snuppy
Tuesday, 27 June 2006, 4:50pm
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I have noticed that quite a few people on this blog speak different languages. Please tell us what languages you speak, have spoken, or are learning to speak.

Me? I speak ‘dog’ and I speak ‘kid’.

Food for… um…Thought by Snuppy
Tuesday, 27 June 2006, 8:29am
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HOWDY Snarkle Parklers… and a very good Tuesday to one and all! This morning, as we were sipping on our Tazo Zen Tea, we heard an interesting story on Headline News. Apparently America’s issues with and/or causes for weight gain have less to do with Krispy Kremes and lack of exercise than they do with our sleep habits. Or who we’re sleeping with, for that matter. That’s right, according to a new study, which we just lifted, in part, from CNN, other possible factors include things like:

1. Inadequate sleep.

2. Nice temperatures. (Air conditioning and heating limit calories burned from sweating and shivering.)

3. Fewer people smoking. (Less appetite suppression.)

4. Older birth moms.

5. Darwinian natural selection. (Fat people outsurvive skinny ones).

6. Assortative mating, or “like mating with like,” Translation: fat people procreating with others of the same body type, gradually skewing the population toward the heavy end.

SO, if we smoke more, sleep less, sweat and shiver a whole lot more, and encourage really skinny teens to procreate, will that help fix the problem?

~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~

Hopefully, it still means a certain co-Snark Park administrator, whose name shall remain KYAHGIRL, can celebrate her 8th Anniversary with her husband Ron tonite by sipping champagne and nibbling on chocolate covered strawberries–without feeling the least bit of guilt!


~ snuppy

Schnoodlepooh’s Post! by Snuppy
Monday, 26 June 2006, 9:42pm
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I went to the ‘suggest a topic’ page and found this comment from Schnoodlepooh. I’m not sure if she wanted this as a post or not. I can see some potential! It depends on what she has to say when we ask her for her story.


Well I went to school with twins named Shirley and Shiela. They were too cute (in the 3rd grade). Surely I have a better story than that? Just ask me.

Not to Change the Subject… by Snuppy
Monday, 26 June 2006, 2:54pm
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BUT, in hopes of doing that which was so happily debated over the weekend, we thought it might be nice to let everyone know what else is going on in the Land ‘O Blogs… (or, Bloogs, as one of us just mistyped). So, here, for your enjoyment and/or perusal…

ANN COULTER VS HITLER: A little quiz. (sorry, Sweet Baboo, we couldn’t resist)

YOGABEANS: Yoga + Action Figures = Fun for the Whole Family! (Miz B, you will Loooooove this) When you get there, scroll down a bit to get to the pictures.

WHERE THE HELL IS MATT?: We saw this link on Whinger’s site, we LOVED it, and so we stole it like the scheming thieves we are!

In other blognews:

Sar’s talking about Al Gore, Bobo’s asking a 10 million dollar question, and Tan Lucy Pez is telling stupid jokes.

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, kids! Get out! Enjoy! Just don’t forget to come back and share! ‘Cuz the one thing we like MORE than giving… is receiving!

*OH, and if you haven’t bothered to participate in the thread below… get your sorry ass down there and do so rightthisminute! Afterall, the more we know about you… the more about you we’ll be able to Love! (in our heads this made sense)

~ snuppytoes

Look What We Found in the Suggestion Box! by Snuppy
Sunday, 25 June 2006, 7:27pm
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YIPPEE!! Our *first* bonafide suggestion! I’m putting it up now… so we’ll all have plenty of time to put thought into this excellent idea. Many thanks to LOGO™ & ARIELLA for writing:

“How about a getting to know each other type post?
Maybe everyone could relate a story from their past? Surely everyone has a funny, touching, or otherwise memorable moment from their past (yeah yeah, I know, don’t call you Shirley), can we hear about them?” ~

Okay, Snarklings… who wants to go FIRST??

~ snuppy (not Shirley)