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Friday, 20 April 2007, 10:14am
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glamour glas at homeOH, what we wouldn’t give for a little inspiration on this lovely spring day. A spring day, we hasten to add, that comes on the heels of some extremely crappy weather that’s had us housebound for the past couple of weeks. Flooding will do that. Sadly, now that the weather’s cleared up, every time we sit down and try to write, we hear the birds singing, feel the warmth of the sunshine on our backs, and find ourselves strangely drawn to the outdoors. The fact that our dogs are whining like there’s no tomorrow, and will likely leave a variety of unsightly spots on the new rug in the dining room is beside the point. The point, for we want you to think we have one, is that we need to get outside — and we can’t do that, until we do this.

WHEN we first started to write today’s post, we considered a title based on the punchline from one of our favorite dirty jokes — Feels Good/Looks Bad — which cracks us up every time we tell it. Then we remembered that, more times than not, we’re the only ones to crack up when we tell it. So we scrapped that plan, and decided to go with the more sedate header, in hopes it would still entice you to watch the accompanying video. What can we say? This vintage clip on good grooming is hilarious, made even more so by the running commentary provided by those funny guys from MST 3000. The fact that their amusing and/or clever one-liners means we don’t have to write any of our own is just a bonus. A big, fat, fabulous, thank-you-Jeebus, step-aside-kid-yer-in-our-way, seriously-move-or-we’ll-knock-you-on-yer-crummy-little-ass-‘cuz-dammit-we’re-goin’-out-now bonus.  

WE can’t be sure, but we’ve heard DIESEL is doing another — in his hilarious series of — Caption Contests today. But maybe that was just a bloggy rumor we read on Humor-Blogs.com.

earth dayDon’t forget Sunday is EARTH DAY, and do something nice. Tell the Earth how much it means to you, but in as few words as possible, so’s not to use up too much oxygen. Buy it a nice card on recycled paper (we’re sure Hallmark will have just the right one). Take it on a picnic, and feed it leftover meatloaf and/or macaroni salad. Or, you could just give it flowers, which is what we plan to do.


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yoiks! i’m not kidding, it’s gorgeous outside today, and that’s where i want and need to be. okay, so we’ve also got some new furniture coming any minute now and two of our dogs have to go to the vet, but THEN we are SO gonna spend time outdoors. tap tap, no erasies! 😉

oh yeah — and this video is hysterical — “spring fever” meets “good grooming” with some of the best MST3K lines i’ve heard, to date. sorry it’s longish, but it’s SO worth the time it takes to watch! xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Is that what life was really like in the “black & white film” days? I was too young to remember.

Comment by BoBo

You are right it was worth every second of it!
and the weather here sucks…it is really cold, even though teh calender said taht yesterday was teh first summer day in Iceland. Summer sure was short this year 🙂

Comment by Penguin

I find that instructional film very threatening.

Comment by Doug

BoBo: if i wasn’t so much older than you, i’d get up outta my chair and smack you with my cane. 🙄 xox

Penguin: what? summer? whoa — well, i’m happy to report it’s a balmy 75 degrees today, with the promise of more beautiful sunshine tomorrow! spring is in full bloom… let’s just hope it stays that way longer than a day or two. 😉 xox

Doug: i’m guessing you thought so the first time you saw it, too. when was that, again? back in your freshman (freshman? heh) year of gym, right? or was it guidance class? (“guidance”? heh) xox

Comment by snuppy

and YES — the answer is yes… i did change the title of today’s post! why? well, after waiting all day for more than 3 people to read it, i figured the title “MST3K” was simply too confusing and/or misleading for some of you kids. (strange spellings get to me sometimes, too!) hope this hasn’t thrown anyone off… based on the fact that we’re not suddenly inundated with comments, i’m guessing it has not. 🙂

Comment by snuppy

How much do I love MST3K? A lot, that’s how much.

I used to watch that old show, btw. It was called “Fascist Eye for the Straight, White Guy.”

Comment by Diesel

Can I say for the record, I love-love-love Deisel’s caption contest?!! I offered my first caption today. 🙂

Happy early Earthy Day!

Comment by Sar

Earthy Day? Pfft, whatever, it’s Friday!

Comment by Sar

Neva, are you calling me old? I didn’t start out watching MST1K.

Comment by Doug

Diesel: “Fascist Eye for the Straight-and-oh-so-Geeky White Guy”, you mean. (btw, that’s one kick-ass picture you have for this week’s contest, my friend! love it — i really do. i’m just sorry my offerings thus far aren’t as funny as some of the others. oh well — the weekend is young, and with any kind of luck and/or inspiration, i might come up with something yet!) xox

Sar: oh, we lovelovelove his “Caption Contest”, all right. and we aren’t the least bit bitter about the fact that A) we had planned to do it *here* and B) uh… someone might have suggested to that clever lad that it could be fun to doctor up photos, in order to offer something “fresh” and “amusing” and… original. nope. not bitter. not. one. little. bit. 🙄 xox

Doug: ya see this — ,,,l? ignore it. ,,ll. MST1K my ass. i’m not a day over MST2K, and you know it. 😕 xox

Comment by snuppy

“and your libido starched and pressed”…I’m still laughing…then I saw Doug’s comment about it being threatening and laughed some more.

Now let me go have a look in the mirror before we get passed over in the park as playmates.

FUNNY funny Snuppy – I am sorry I didn’t see this yesterday by the way as I was home from work which meant that I wasn’t home.


Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

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