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Weird Al by Snuppy
Monday, 27 November 2006, 9:04am
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NO. It’s not WHO you think. Although… in a way it is. Well, sort of, though not really. Confused? Now that we mention it, we are too. Let’s retrace our steps to see where our initial train of thought became derailed, shall we?

IT ALL started with our need to conjure up a fitting companion post to the one our beloved and brilliant LAMPSHA did over the weekend. As per our usual Monday fare, we figured we’d share some clever video featuring massive amounts of hilarity, in hopes of garnering a few of those “cheap laughs” we’ve come to rely upon and adore. Normally, we lean heavily in the “opposite” direction from whatever fabulous artist she introduces us to and, as you’re about to see, this week was no exception.

ENTER AL, not WEIRD AL, but our AL; Al Anon; Call Me Al; Al, You Called?; Al Al the Blogger’s Pal… You know, that Al. Anyway, last week that Al sent us a GREAT VIDEO featuring the other Al, Weird Al; Not-our Al; That’s-right-the-“Yankovic” Al; Al with the accordian Al, and, well, it was good. Unfortunately, it also happens to be big hit right now and, as such, is getting a lot of play on TV as well as in the blogosphere. We’re lazy, but we do have standards (not high, but that’s beside the point). In other words, it would’ve been very easy for us to use that video anyway, but, because of our so-called standards, we make every effort to use stuff you might not have just seen somewhere else. That’s how weird we are.

FORTUNATELY, we have ADD, which means our brains are in constant motion. Sometimes this is annoying and sometimes this is good. Of course, sometimes this keeps us up at nights trying to figure out answers for the crossword puzzle in the Sunday NY Times. But that, too, is beside the point. Our point, for we swear we have one, is this: frequently, one thought will set off a chain reaction of thoughts, so the Weird Al video Not-Weird Al sent us reminded us of other Weird Al videos that Not-Weird Al did not send us — specifically the one about being fat — which we thought was perfect for today, since we feel pretty darn fat ourselves, after pigging out for the past four days. Happily, the mere term “pigging out” conveniently brought us full circle to Lampsha’s video, which featured what? That’s right. A pig.

SO, without further adieu, here’s the video Not-Weird Al didn’t send. Ham on.

THANK YOU AL for setting off the domino effect of ideas that managed to keep our poor heads spinning since… well since Lampsha’s Head Spinning Saturday this past… er… Saturday. And thank you everyone else for putting up with all this confusion. As you can tell, it’s not always easy being inside our heads. Imagine what we’d be like if we didn’t take medication.


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you know, that was WAY too much work in order to introduce an “oldie” but a “goodie” parody video. the justification (by my own convoluted way of thinking) is that all this work might help burn off a few extra calories, because did I mention all that pigging out we did over the past four days? oy. thank goodness for sweatpants and/or lycra.

Happy Monday, everyone. xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Oldie but goodie…and a very good reminder that I need to get the diet thing back on track – at least till Christmas. Back at work…ugh! It feels so foreign…so wrong.

Comment by BoBo

tick…tock…is it time to go home yet? This could be a long day.

Comment by BoBo

This one’s great. I predict that Weird Al will be the only icon of contemporary American pop culture to survive into the 22nd Century.

Re: the personal significance of that other video, well, for my birthday this year, my daughter bought me underwear and wrote my whole first name in the waistband.

Ha ha very funny.

Comment by Al

This is a great and an inspirational video……we had Slim Fast for breakfast, a long walk, cleaned the fridge and I am on my way to Curves.
Christmas parties, cookie baking party…..my Mother and I will have that one…..and packages of food arriving from foreign lands….Oh!!!My!!!I think I need to bookmark this video.
I am ever so glad that you have high standards, otherwise there would be a lot of junk shown here….. 🙂 Joel I feel you pain…..Mondays suck.

Comment by Mo'a Feelin Pretty Fat Kitten Heels

I can’t hear videos on blogs but can hear them everywhere else–driving me frigging crazy

Comment by pia

Wait a minute Mo’a…I thought you liked Mondays? Your shaking my faith in humanity here!

Comment by BoBo

Joel, I was channeling. I thought it was time to feel your pain…..what are friends for? 🙂

Comment by Mo'a Feelin Pretty Empathetic Kitten Heels

I was taking copious notes in my Nancy Drew notebook so I was able to follow along. Of course, there’s a long convoluted story as to why I didn’t see Al’s original video anyway. But then again, it’s Monday, I’ve eaten too much and have continued on and my head is still spinning I think. Fabu intro anyway, NBFF!

How many more hours Joel?

Comment by Lampy

That is a pretty funny video! I remember being in middle school when that one came out and I bet we watched it a million and one times!

It was a nice weekend wasn’t it? The extra tasty food madea difference!

Comment by cj

I love Weird Al!!! He rocks, especially in his “White and Nerdy” video.

yes, I also ate too much through Thanksgiving…

Comment by Pavel

Lampy…see this is the cruel reality of vacation…the return is a bitch. It’s the time when you can smugly look in my direction and laugh (although I’m sure you would never be that inhumane). Approximately six hours and counting assuming a slightly early departure due to a need to pick up my car from where it’s being serviced.

Comment by BoBo

Pavel, my nephew sent the White and Nerdy video out in an email and you’re in good company with Tali like that one too.

Comment by Lampy

that would be “liking that one too”. Ah Monday.

Comment by Lampy

missing a latte there Lampy?

Comment by BoBo

Oooh! Funny lady make-a me laugh FO SHO!

You know? What does it say about me that I am sooo comfortable when introduced to the delightful roller coaster ride inside your head! It is a break from the ongoing ADDish (as well as OCDish) inside mine… I looooooved the ride and I WANT MORE!


No, I am not high… just shipped the kids off to bed!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

My favorite is still “Amish Paradise.” That Florence Henderson can churn some butter, knowhamsayin?

Comment by Diesel

Al…I have bubble wrap if you’d like it!

Weird Al…I remember when he was “hawt” in junior high. Sigh. Damn those were the days.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

BoBo: you know, after the way we ate over the weekend, i’m thinking we should go on a fast. unfortunately, we’ve got a fridge full of food that says that ain’t gonna happen! xox

Al: prediction, or wishful thinking? as for your shorts? i’m laughing… kids, gotta love ’em, right? (at least that’s what every parenting book i read while ours were growing up says. sigh) xox

Mo’a Pretty Freakin’ Energetic Kitty Heels, on Slimfast, No Less: damn. sounds to me like you’re off to a grand start, missy! lemme know if you need help with any of those imported goodies! xox

Pia: i feel so TERRIBLE! i know you’ve been having trouble with these videos, and i just hate that. from what i understand, cable is wa-a-ay faster than DSL… i’m wondering if you shouldn’t have your computer checked? (you know, if you’d like, i’ll be happy to email you the links so you can at least see this stuff. because i *know* you’ll enjoy these videos) i’m reallyreallyreally sorry. xox

Lampsha: i knew you’d keep up, NBFF. i mean, the fact that we can change the subject several times over the course of a 2 minute conversation and never skip a beat says a lot about the way *both* our brains work, right? (still… my own fine Nancy Drew notebook has come in handy for keepin’ track of things on more than one occasion!) xox

CJ: i actually liked Michael Jackson’s “Bad”, but i thought Weird Al’s parody was darn impressive. and yep, copious amounts of tasty food makes for a fine weekend. copious amount of fat following all that fine food, does not. yeesh! xox

Pavel: White & Nerdy was brilliant. (you featured it on your blog a few weeks ago, right? loveloveloved it!). glad your Turkey Day was a good one. xox

CYM: ooooh. girlfriend! of course you’re able to follow my bizarre train of thought, as well. talking with you and/or Lampsha is SO like many (most) of my conversations with my own sister (Dr. Terri). i mean, she’s wa-a-ay smarter than i am, but we can bounce around a topic with the most ADDish of folks and still understand what it is we are and aren’t saying!

so… the kids are in bed? sweet. nice for you and Loverboy to have a little well-deserved time to yourselves, eh Beautiful BoheMia? xox

Diesel: bet you loved Marcia, too. (i came thisclose to using that video, but this one spoke to me, especially since i wrote most of it after dinner.) xox

LBP: “hawt”? Weird Al? interesting…. 🙂 xox

Comment by weird snuppy

Weird Al is awesome!

Comment by Sar

When I saw “Weird Al” I thought it was a post about Gore. I was way off.

Comment by Dan

Sar: for a guy who plays the accordian, he’s a lot of fun! xox

Dan: stay tuned. it’s only a matter of time (altho’, i happen to like Al Gore, so don’t look for anything too disparaging!) xox

Comment by snuppy

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